Working Out with the Lazy Girl Squats (aka Condense Your Workout and Still Prevent a Saggy Rear)

The other day, I was talking with my friend Rachel about working out – she is a workout queen and always has great tips for how to get a workout done faster or how to really motivate yourself through a great run. My favorite recommendation that she ever gave me (before what I’m going to detail in a minute) was the Zombie Running App. Basically, the app has you start your favorite workout playlist and interjects a storyline about how you’re being chased by zombies throughout a run. It’s pretty awesome.

But anyway, Rachel and I were chatting through some workout tips. Basically I told her that I’ve been doing squats as part of my lose-the-baby-weight workout. Rachel, too, is a fan of squats. But when she told me how she does her squats, I was thoroughly impressed.

She calls it the Lazy Girl Squat Workout. Now, if you’re like me, when you do your squats and bends and all of those awesome workouts that help to prevent a saggy behind, you do like 50 squats, followed by some other leg resistance exercises and repeat three times. It takes some time, but you get the good kind of burn when you’re all done.

Rachel incorporates hand weights into the mix and increases the weight level (while decreasing the number of reps) for each set. So now, instead of doing my three sets of 50 reps, I hold a ten pound weight in each hand and do half of that. And I have to tell you guys something that I never thought would be the case…I think I’m actually getting a more intense workout even though it’s a little bit shorter. And that makes this mama – who is always limited on time – VERY happy.

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Photo Credit: flickr user Arya Zial

And if you really want to get down to the heart of my new favorite workout, here’s exactly how it goes down (and remember to hold the weights in your hands for all of the leg piece):

25 squats
30 lunges (15 on each leg)
10 back knee bends
10 side leg lifts
10 front knee bends
10 front leg lifts


Now get rid of the weights for some ab work:
50 side to side cruches
10 V sit ups
Hold the Yoga V for 30 seconds
Superman for 30 seconds


Repeat another two times

And that’s it. I love this workout. It’s great for supplementing a walk around your neighborhood, or for something active to do when you watch anything on Bravo…not that I do that or anything.

Ok and just to clarify, I don’t have buns of steel. And if we’re being really, truly honest…I hope to get in one of these workouts a week. Unless you count walking to the park – which I totally do. Because we’re busy and…well, I really just don’t have a ton of free time these days! But you have to start somewhere, right?

Tell me in the comments: what are your favorite workout moves?

DISCLOSURE: I am clearly not a workout professional, since I don’t even know the official names for all of these exercises (Yoga V, anyone)? Please consult a professional before you try my workout. And make sure your doctor says it’s ok for you to workout. Get it? Got it? Good.

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