White Chocolate Christmas Pretzels

I love holiday baking. But lately, I really haven’t been into the whole “baking” form of baking. Which is why I made these awesome pretzels: they were such a blast to make and super easy to clean up after. These are super tasty and make a great finger food to leave out at your next holiday party. And if you find some cute treat bags, they’re perfect for a teacher’s gift or for your neighbors! And since they’re so easy to make, you can make a ton of them at a time.

Start by topping a cookie sheet with parchment paper or wax paper. Lay out your pretzels in one layer – aka the pretzels shouldn’t be covering each other.

Take out your quick candy – I like the vanilla flavor. This stuff is super easy to melt in the microwave. It comes with eight bricks that you break apart – for this recipe, I melt two bricks at a time.

Make sure there are no clumps in the mix – or they’ll clog up the process in the next steps…

Next, pour the melted candy into one of these squeeze bottles. I got a pack of two for less than two bucks at the craft store!

Squeeze the melted mixture over the pretzels that you laid out. The pattern you make doesn’t matter – just make sure that all of the pretzels have some chocolate on them!

Now get out your sprinkles. I got this four pack for fifty percent off at the craft store – tis the season for great deals!

Shake those sprinkles all over the pretzels – and now you have Christmas pretzels! Rinse and repeat – and after you melt your next two bars of candy, I recommend warming up what’s left in your squeeze bottle for about fifteen seconds as well. This ensures that you don’t get clogs in the nozzle. If you do get a clog, just run the nozzle under super hot water. It’ll unclog in no time!

For reference, one pack of this candy makes about six cookie sheets of pretzels, which is one normal sized bag of pretzels.

Christmas Pretzels

What you’ll need:

1 package of Quick Candy (in vanilla!)
A big bag of pretzels

1. Top a cookie sheet with parchment paper or wax paper
2. Spread one layer of pretzels on the cookie sheet
3. Heat up two bars of quick melt candy according to the directions. Make sure there are no chunks left!
4. Pour the candy mix into a squeeze bottle.
5. Squeeze the candy over the pretzels multiple times in whatever design you want.
6. Dust the sprinkles over the pretzels – and use different sprinkles for each batch.
7. Enjoy!


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    Deb says

    Correction ~ there is no such thing as “white” chocolate. Chocolate is chocolate colored and flavored. You used “vanilla” flavored bark…NOT chocolate.
    Trust me…as a chocoholic…I am expert in these issues = )
    Glad we cleared that up!

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