Where to spend and save on maternity clothes

Being pregnant a second time around really puts some perspective on things. Especially all things relating to my closet. Before you’re preggo, you look at the pregnant celebrities in magazines and walk by the maternity stores and think, wow – when I’m pregnant, I’m going to look sooooooo cuteeeee. And then you get pregnant for the first time and you realize…holy crap, maternity clothes are EXPENSIVE. By the time you’re pregnant for the second time around, you’ve learned your lesson: some items you have to splurge on. They’re just pregnancy necessities. But a lot of things..well, there are some GREAT ways to save. And now that I have the knowledge, I’m going to share. You’re welcome, my friends.

Where to start:
When you’re first pregnant, you will probably start getting a little belly before the end of the first trimester. It comes earlier with subsequent pregnancies – I was muffin topping out of my jeans by six weeks this time. That’s not actually your baby. That’s body bloat! Sexy, right? When this starts happening, don’t feel like you need to run out and spend a couple hundred bucks on some new pants. You should always start by working with what’s already in your closet.

Start by getting yourself a Belly Band – they sell them at Target and they’re a great way to extend the life of your regular pants until you actually have a baby belly (and a pregnant booty) that’s too big to really…fit…in your old jeans anymore. Actually, what I’ve always started with before the belly band is the old hair binder trick. You just loop a hair binder through the button hole and over the button closure of your jeans to give yourself a couple extra inches of room. Pair it with an extra long cami under your top and viola: hillbilly savvy mama maternity wear.

Where to splurge:

There are certain things that – if you’re into fashion and want to feel like a hot mama while you’re pregnant – just make sense to splurge on. One of these things are maternity jeans. Buy yourself one really nice pair of maternity jeans. Great jeans are hard to find when you’re not pregnant. Let me tell you that it is TEN times worse when you’re pregnant – it is SO hard to find a pair that really fits your body. You’ll feel better about yourself when your jeans fit right – just trust me on this one. Need some extra justification? You only need one pair. Also more expensive jeans are more likely to last through multiple pregnancies.

A little black dress that can be dressed up or dressed down. If you’re like me, you need clothes that are versatile – and having a piece that can go from a client meeting to date night is perfect. A classically cut black dress can work for a lot of different events and meetings, and if you pair it with a regular cardigan or blazer from your closet, no one will ever know that you’re wearing the same piece all the time. The importance of finding a NICE LBD is that it has to FIT right. It is – again – hard to find a good fitting maternity dress that can be multi-purposed (and easy to wash). Choose carefully, and don’t be afraid to spend an extra twenty bucks to get one that looks great on you.

Really comfy flats. I am the girl who – in my childless days – was known to wear four-to-five inch heels every.single.day.of.the.week. There is absolutely no way that this works in my mommy life. Especially while pregnant. Because of my sky high heel obsession, I started developing varicose veins at an early age. These – as many of you already know – are made worse during pregnancy. Now that I’m pregnant with number two I am fully committed to having really comfy flats that I can wear around my office, in the car and at the park with my little man. I’ll have a post later this week about some Vionic brand shoes that are a total lifesaver for this preggo – but I’m also wearing my super comfy leopard print Crocs (I know…but they’re actually cute!) and super supportive running shoes when I’m not meeting with clients. They may not be super fancy, but my legs are surely feeling a lot better (and are less bloated) when I’m kind to my feet.

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Where to Save:

There are really tons of ways to save on maternity clothes. I’m going to give you my top FIVE picks for saving on your pregnancy wardrobe.

  • Shop Target’s maternity section online: they have a HUGE selection of maternity wear online, especially when it comes to fun summer dresses. Dresses are the easiest way to dress your bump super cute and on the cheap. Watch for one of their online events where they run an extra 20 percent off of your online clothing purchase – it makes your money go way further!
  • Get thee to H&M for basics: I love that H&M does their basic pieces at a two for ten bucks sale price. I just got a ton of fun, flowy tanks that I can wear for work (under a blazer), taking Ricky to the park or throwing a BBQ in our backyard for super cheap. Best part? I can wear them after baby comes, too!
  • Shop your own closet: One big trend right now is super flowy tops. I have a ton of them from my pre-pregnancy days that I wear for work all the time. Guess what? These babies still fit when you’re preggo – and they look super cute with a little bump. Maximizing your work wear is essential for saving your budget because – as we all know – work clothes can add up super fast. So save yourself some dollars for decorating the nursery and work what you’ve got, mama!
  • Yoga leggings: We both know that you’ve got several pairs of these hanging around. But once you’ve hit about the 20 week mark, you’re going to notice that they’re just not fitting in a super flattering way over your bump…as in, you may get that weird muffin top thing because they just won’t stay in place! My favorite brand of leggings is the Zella brand at Nordstrom. BUT: there is no way that I’m dropping sixty bucks (or whatever they cost) on a pair of leggings that’s only going to fit for a couple of months. So I took my patootie to Old Navy, where they have super cute and comfy yoga leggings/crops at a much more comfortable price point. I’m actually wearing them right now – one size up from my regular pants. And I’m totally happy shrinking them down to size next summer so that I can keep wearing them. Score.
  • Extra long camis: I wear camis under everything. They are definitely my number one daily dressing essential. Have you checked out the price on maternity camisoles? Yeah, my wallet certainly isn’t having that. Instead, I stock up at Costco with one size bigger than I normally wear. They have tons of fun colors and they’re super long, which means your bump will be covered. I will warn you that you’ll probably want to throw them away after you are back in your regular sized clothes – they tend to really stretch with your belly and won’t have the right shape after baby comes – but really, at five bucks each you can’t complain!

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So tell me in the comments: Where did you save and splurge on maternity clothing?


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    Being pregnant for the first time and shopping for maternity clothes was a huge price shocker for me. But I agree that one or two pair of maternity pants are a MUST along with yoga pants. I would also suggest in buying some Genie Bra’s, they are magic when your boobies swell three times the normal size because they’ll grow with you and go back to the regular size. I also started to hate pants so I invested in a few casual dresses that I could put some leggings on underneath if it was cold.
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