What it Takes to Convince Lucy to Take a Pretty Picture

I know, I know. Something’s been lacking around here lately. And that something would be lots and lots of pictures of my miniature moose – aka Lucy the wonder dog. But you guys have no idea what it takes to convince this wannabe supermodel to take a couple of nice pictures! For one, I have to bribe her. Two, I have to pretend like I’m not about to snap a few shots of her. And even then it’s not a guarantee. Girl is a DIVA, that is fo’sho! Don’t believe me? Check it out:

First she avoids eye contact. “If I doesn’t look at her, she doesn’t seez meee”

Time for a little ice bribe. She sees the ice. And stares me down.

And now she’s starting to think that the ice sure looks mighty tasty…

Oooooh! In for the kill! Girl’s got some serious chompers, that’s for sure!

“Dewishous” – Rinse and repeat…

Six ice cubes later and she’s at the freezer, waiting for me to cave and give her more ice. We’re getting closer to actual photos now…

Ahhh! A decent shot! Can you see her begging for more ice with her eyes? I told you. Supermodel with soulful eyes.

Oh, you sly thing. She looks all innocent here – I’m convinced that this is how she covers up all the food she steals off the counter. “Donut? What donut?” You can just call her the puppy ninja.

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