Well, I’m officially 30.

This weekend, I hit the big three-oh. Leading up to it (aka from the hubs’ 30th birthday last summer) I didn’t really think twice about turning such a big number. Being out of my twenties. Being what always seemed to be the “true” grown up age. And then last Thursday, it hit me: I was about to turn thirty. I was about to be out of my twenties. I was about to be a true grown up. And suddenly there were all of these things that I had never thought about before that suddenly seem…so real.

They’re slightly random. But I was a little bit taken by surprise how much I feel compelled to really take our lifestyle up a notch in terms of healthy living. I have to admit, this is partially due to the Christy Brinkley turning 60 article that was on GMA last week (have you seen the woman? She looks amazing!). But partially also due to the fact that I am actually recognizing my age. And the fact that I don’t want to look like I’m aging, at least not to an extreme.

So here’s my areas of focus for the ripe ol’ age of thirty:

1. It’s time to focus on my skin. Knock on wood, I’ve had great luck with my skin care regimen. But I really think it’s time to start taking anti-aging skincare seriously. And regular (real) facials seriously. My skin needs to be a priority if I still want to look 30 at 40. Which basically means anti-aging. And lots of moisture.

2. It’s time to kick our pantry into gear. I’ve actually already taken a little (internal) pledge to rid our pantry of artificial preservatives and chemicals. By shopping for more organic and “non-enhanced” products, I can already tell a difference in how I feel from day to day. I’m going to continue this trend and keep my fam on a healthier track. I mean, I don’t want to go vegan or anything. But wholesome ingredients will lead to a happier mama And in turn, a happier family.

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3. It’s time to live more simply. One of my family’s goals for 2014 is to live our life more simply. We have so many things going on that sometimes, certain pieces of day to day life can seem much more complicated than they need to. By making a serious effort to simplify (by meal planning, so that I only have to go to the grocery store once a week; by taking stock of our closets, modifying and buying less; by being more conscious of our time and where we’re spending it), we’re not just becoming more efficient. We’re becoming happier because there are far fewer pressures to contend with from day to day. It’s certainly a daily effort – and I’m not always successful. But the more I try, the more success I’m seeing.

Tell me in the comments: what are YOUR suggestions for a fabulous year of 30?


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    Tanya Smith says

    Yes grown up! I actually feel younger than I did in my 20s and it has a ton to do with taking care of yourself inside and out. Facials are amazing! Also massage and working out. One thing some people don’t think about is detoxifying their home and it looks like you are starting to think that way too! Great job!

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