WAHM: Staying On Top Of Multiple Projects at Once

When you work as a freelancer – or even if you just work from home – it can be harder to manage your projects than it would be if you were working in an office. In my situation, this means keeping track of multiple projects at a time, prioritizing my time around those projects and just all in all making sure that my clients are happy with the end product they’re receiving – and that their deadlines are being met as well as possible. To do this, I need to stay organized. I also need to stay consistent with how I manage my projects. And this is how I go about that.

Set monthly goals for yourself. At the beginning of each month, I evaluate what my goals are for each of my clients. Usually this involves creating some kind of prospectus for the month that I work out of based on what goals my clients want to reach over a period of time. I then break that prospectus down by weekly goals, when then gets broken down into daily chunks of time. I do it this way because crossing things off of my list – and seeing a full list of things crossed off – is super satisfying {and totally motivating} for me. Figure out what works for you and put action by it. Oh, and be consistent with it!

Keep your office organized. Organizing your office once is one thing. Keeping your office organized is a totally separate thing. The best way to stay on top of things is to take action on items right away. Don’t let paperwork sit in a pile on your desk: go through it, do what needs to be done to take care of any issues and then file it. I know it sounds tedious, but trust me. Life is a lot easier when you spend fifteen minutes a day filing everything than having to spend hours at the end of the month taking care of old business. You’ll be much happier and much more successful if you’re staying on top of life – and work – as it happens.

Be actionable. Here’s the deal: I make money when I’m actually doing things for my clients. I don’t make money by shopping online or running to Target or catching up with friends on Facebook. This plays into both of the items above – when you make a list of to-do’s, make sure you’re DOING them. When you make a prospectus for a client, start working on it immediately. In the same way that they’ll be disappointed if you’re behind schedule, they’ll be extra pleased if you finish a project ahead of time – and they’ll probably refer you to other business owners as well. Being actionable puts money in your pocket now and leads to more business down the road.

Be positive. There’s nothing worse for productivity than negativity. If you don’t know how to do something, find someone who does. You could also watch a webinar or read a book that makes you more knowledgeable on that topic. If your plans for one project fall through, start working on another project right away. Being productive will make you far happier – and far more successful – than sitting around and thinking negatively about it. I’m not saying that you can’t have a bad day – I’m just saying there’s always a way to turn lemons into lemonade. A friend of mine has this quote in her email signature: “I love expectations…so then I know how I can exceed them. Be on purpose today!” I love this quote because it’s SO TRUE. Being on purpose about everything you do will literally change your life. Love it. Live it. Reap from it.

How do you stay on top of multiple projects at once? Tell me below in the comments section!


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