WAHM Guide: How to Find Work From Home Jobs (Part One of Two)

One of the biggest questions I get from moms who want to work from home is related to the how. How do you actually find a job that allows you to work from home? Well, the answer to that question really depends on the kind of work you’re looking for, what you’re looking to get paid and how flexible the hours need to be. This post is part one of a two post series on where to look for work when you want super flexible hours – which you’ll mostly find with freelance writing projects. I hope it helps you find the kind of work that you’re looking for!

Look through a job board. Quite honestly, the easiest way to find freelance work is to find a job board that you like and become religious about checking it for fresh work. I’ve actually compiled some of the best sources that I have used to find regular freelance work into one on The Mommyhood Project’s Job Board. It’ll save you from having to go to a bunch of different sources – or to spend months doing research on what the most reputable and best job boards on the ‘net actually are. I know, you love me.

Find a content website to write for. There are lots of websites out there that specialize in bringing together writers and people who need content. Generally you work directly for the content website and they give you writing assignments based on your availability. The nice thing about this is that you can choose writing projects as your time permits. The downside is that there’s not always work available when you want it. You will probably have to take a writing exam before they hire you – this will determine the amount that they pay you, so take it seriously. Check out sites like Write.com, InternetBrands.com, WriterAccess.com and Skyword.com.

Check out a freelance bidding site. Websites like Freelancer.com allow you to make an account and bid on projects that companies post. These projects can be writing based or could be something more along the lines of website creation, app help or graphic design. I’m not a huge fan of bidding on projects – I’d rather just have a set price – but some people work really well with this type of system!

Look for writing opportunities with websites you go to for information. Articles on sites like About.com and EHow.com are actually written by freelance writers. If you have the skills to write easy to understand how-to articles and have lots of ideas, check out the openings on their websites. Keep in mind that sites like this generally pay you based on visibility: aka you get paid based on a rolling basis based on how many times your articles are viewed. Being good at social networking is pretty imperative to make money when your pay scale is created that way.

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