WAHM Guide: How Becoming a WAHM Changes Your Mindset

Back when I was a corporate working girl, my working mentality was much different than it is today. The hours that I spent at the office were endless. If I needed to come in to deal with a problem in the evening or on the weekend, I did – on a regular basis. When I took a fifteen minute break, I spent it perusing the latest additions to the Nordstrom shoe collection. All in all, my life didn’t just come second to my job – it revolved around it.

Everyone has their own reasons for working from home. For the majority of WAHM’s that I know, they want to have a career that is balanced with their life. They want something that’s flexible with their family’s schedule, something that doesn’t keep strict 9-5 hours. For some, it means the opportunity to work part time on their own terms. For others, it means working full time – but still on their own terms. For me, it was a combination of all of these things. I wanted to do something that was flexible with where we were at as a family. I wanted the opportunity to be around for my family, to create my own hours and work a little more creatively than most. Most of all, I wanted to have the time to watch my kids grow up without completely sacrificing my career to do so.

When I started working from home, my mindset started to change and the slow transition to where I am today – aka an actual momma who works out of the house – began. These days, my work schedule revolves around my life schedule. It doesn’t mean that I have any less to do – I actually have a million more things on my plate, they’re just not all work related. It means that I can get up early, have some coffee and get a head start on my emails. And then spend some time giving the babe a bath. Take a conference call mid-morning, followed by a walk around the park. Or maybe check out a mommy and me playgroup on a Friday afternoon, but spend Saturday at naptime coming up with a new creative social strategy for a client.

The other piece of the whole “time” issue that changed for me was the lack of free time throughout my day. My old life was incredibly fast paced and stressful, but I could definitely sneak a little time in to go grab a coffee in the afternoon or hit up the gym five nights a week. Now that I work from home, I have other things to fill my day with. If I have fifteen minutes to spare it’s more likely to be spent folding a load of laundry, whipping up a batch of pumpkin bread or playing with la babe. This all relates back to prioritizing – and to be honest, even though I have a lot less “free” time in my day, my life is incredibly less stressful than it was when I worked in an office everyday. I think that particular piece of it goes back to doing what I really want to be doing and what’s best for the future of my little family!

Basically, when you become a WAHM you have to be adaptable and creative – mostly when it comes to your schedule. Even though I chose to work like this because of the flexibility, it really did take a while for me to adjust to the fact that i could leave my office (house?) during the day to pick up groceries during the week. It’s definitely a challenge to adjust to the WAHM lifestyle – but I wouldn’t trade it for triple my old salary at a completely in-house position!

Tell me: What did or have you struggled with as you became a WAHM? If you’re contemplating the move from office to home, what’s holding you back?

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