WAHM: Getting Back to Work After Having a Baby

Now that I’m officially back to working full time, there are a few things that I’ve learned about being a true working mom. Ok – there are a lot of things that I’ve learned. But there are definitely some things that will not just make your life easier as you transition pregnancy to having your baby to your *new* normal life with a babe. Here are my four tips to making a smooth transition from having your baby to actually going back to work.

1. Take things slow. One of the best things I did after having RJ was to slowly integrate all of my projects back into my life. About a week after la babe was born, I started getting back into blogging regularly. Shortly after that, I started picking up some freelance writing gigs again. Slowly, I got myself onto a regular writing schedule that worked for my life. More recently, my “day job” lifestyle has resumed. Having a baby is a huge life change, no matter who you are. I really believe that I’d be a mess right now if I had gone from 100 percent stay at home mom to working mom overnight. Taking your time while figuring out that work-family-everything else balance is definitely key to a smooth transition.

2. Don’t overbook yourself. Before I had my son, I was notorious for taking on a lot of projects at one time. Don’t get me wrong: everything always got done, even if it meant I had to work seven days a week. When a baby enters the picture, that’s just not possible. It has taken some serious effort on my part {the hubs can attest to this!} but I’m slowly getting used to actually taking on much less than I ever have before for the simple fact that I want to be around RJ as much as possible. I know that in fifteen years, he’s going to want to spend more time with his friends than with me. I’ll never regret spending my prior “work time” at home with my family. But I would regret not spending enough time with my baby before he’s more interested in hanging out with his friends than his mom!

3. Childcare is essential. There are some WAHM’s that are able to just work around their husband’s schedule and their baby’s sleep schedule. I am not one of those moms. I like to work on a consistent time schedule – and baby naps just don’t allow for that. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely get work done while the baby is sleeping. But that’s in addition to the time I know I’m going to get consistently from our childcare set up. Plus, when my hubby’s home I like to spend that time with him, not holed up in my office. Again, I do take advantage of the hubs taking care of la babe from time to time. But I would rather be having family time when we’re all at home.

4. As an extension of the above, being mobile is key for working from home. My office is my favorite place to work. I love sitting on my exercise ball while I’m working, I love having two screens to work off of and there’s just something that’s way easier about using a real mouse over the touch pad on my laptop. But the reality is that without my laptop, I’d be totally lost. When RJ decides to take a nap in the middle of play time in our living room, I can just sit on the couch and get some quick things done while he sleeps. When he decides to nap on my chest, it’s incredibly convenient to have the laptop next to me so that I can still get things done despite not being able to get off of the couch. Bottom line: while I love my real office a ton, being mobile is key to working mama success!

Tell me in the comments: what are your tips for transitioning to being a true working mama?

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