WAHM: Getting Back on a Regular Writing Schedule

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Now I know that a lot of my readers {and my friends} have blogs of their own. And I know that it’s very easy to fall prey to letting excuses keep you from writing, too. So with me getting myself back on track, I’m going to help ya’ll stay {or get} back on track, too. Because I’ve got

1. I’m scheduling writing time for myself. I have a friend that is a writer – as in, she’s a published author. When she’s writing a book, she blocks out time on her calendar that is reserved for writing. Just like when she’s working on her day job stuff, that time is just for focusing on her writing. As a mom, I realize that in order to make this work with my schedule I either need to get up earlier than my little man or start writing after he goes to bed. But it IS do-able. I just need to put some action behind my thoughts.

2. I’m keeping my goals in front of me. One of the easiest ways to accomplish something is to never let it slip your mind. Write it on your bathroom mirror {yes, there ARE markers made for that!} or create reminders that randomly pop up on your phone or computer throughout the week. OR you could do what I did: have your hubby install a eight foot by four foot sheet of white board on your office wall {it’s like fifteen bucks from Menard’s} and keep your goals and to-dos constantly in your face.

3. I’m setting reasonable goals for myself. I realize that my schedule right now doesn’t exactly allow me to write fourteen posts a week. But if I can at least crank out one a day, I’ll be a super happy camper. Plus my writing – and my blog as a whole – will be much better of because of it.

Tell me in the comments: Have YOU ever found yourself lacking in the blog commitment category? How did you turn it around?


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    I absolutely relate to you on this! I have been seriously lacking in creativity and motivation for the past few weeks and have seen the traffic to my blogs fall right off a cliff. I can’t say my goal is even as ambitious as yours (one post a day), I’m shooting for one post a week on each of my blogs right now. And if I have more than that, I’ll be a happy camper! Nice Post!
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