WAHM: Finding the Right Sponsored Content for Your Blog (Part One)

I spoke earlier today about blogging. As I was putting together my outline for what I was going to talk about, I realized that there are a lot of broad blogging tips that I’ve never really had a chance to delve into before on my blog. So be happy, my friends – today I’m going to tell you a little more about how to make money blogging!

Just to preface all of these tips, I’m going to assume that you already have an understanding of blogging, social networking and all that jazz. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, start out with some of the blogging basics in my WAHM series. Oh -and to keep this from getting too long {or too overwhelming}, I’m going to do this as a multi-part series that will post for the remainder of the week.

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The first thing I do is make sure the product or service doesn’t fall on my banned advertising list. Under no circumstances will I advertise anything related to gambling, naughty sites or knock off products. I also won’t use sponsored posts from sites that are only located outside of the US. It doesn’t matter how much they’re willing to pay: there’s way too much opportunity for scams with those types of ads.

Is it a product or service that I would actually use or want to use? If it’s not something that falls into that category, I’m not going to review the product – because if it’s not something I need or want I won’t be able to give an unbiased opinion.

Is it something that my readers want to know about? Generally if it’s something I’ll use, it’s something my readers will want to hear about. But every once in a while I’ll come across a product that sounds kind of cool, but definitely not right for my blog audience – in which case I will take a pass.

Can I create the content that the advertiser is looking for in the time frame needed? Sometimes, sponsored content is super easy to create – so it’s not a problem. But sometimes, what the advertiser wants is much more in depth. In those cases, I need to make sure that I’m actually going to have enough time to spend on the research and the writing to meet the deadline. {And meeting deadlines is HUGE. Your reputation is everything} – don’t screw it up by posting late!}

Is the compensation worth my time? I’ve spent a lot of time curating my blog and getting readers to love coming to visit The Mommyhood Project. So depending on what the product is – and how much work I need to put into the content – I need to make sure that I’m being fairly compensated for my time and effort. In some cases, that just means I need a product for myself and a product to give away on my blog. In others, it’s monetary compensation. As a blogger, this is something you need to decide on for yourself. For me, I make the compensation decision per-product. I don’t have any strict guidelines that I necessarily need to meet.

Tomorrow: Where to look for sponsors.

Tell me: What do YOU want to know about blogging? I might just feature it in the WAHM series!


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    Hi! This series is very helpful! I just started a Michigan Mom blog and I have been pleasantly surprised with the feedback. Can’t wait to connect more with the Michigan community. I would love to know how you make local connections since my blog is purely local. Thanks!

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      I would definitely recommend connecting with local moms and local businesses on Twitter. Follow them, tweet at them, build your following that way.

      And definitely utilize the mom blogger groups to your advantage. They can be a huge resource when it comes to building your online presence, even if you are looking to stay pretty local!


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