Video: Tips for moms pregnant with number two

Back when I was pregnant with Ricky, I had no worries or qualms about taking care of him. Logistics didn’t scare me, baby care didn’t rock my world, never sleeping really wasn’t a big issue. Now that I’m pregnant with baby number two, I’m realizing that while caring for a baby hasn’t changed, we’re going to have to adjust ourselves a bit…that is to say, I’m very lucky that strategic planning is one of my strengths. Because strategic logistics are a must when you have multiple children.

Now, usually I’m the girl that wants to do everything on her own. I want to learn everything on my own, I do for myself, I don’t ask for help unless I absolutely need it. Some people call this the Superwoman complex. I call it…real life. But in this instance, I’m realizing that there’s no shame in asking those who have gone before me: how do you DO it? How do you manage (sometimes multiple) little ones underfoot while being pregnant with another? How do you manage once that new little one arrives?

So I did a Google Hangout with Sara of Saint Paul Boys and Veronica of Baby Love MN – two very experienced moms of four and two, respectively. And they gave a ton of great advice!

Veronica had some great advice to follow up the video:

Some things are easier with baby number two then they were with baby number one. With baby number one you didn’t really know how to take care of a baby. You know, they seem so small and so easy to break. When other babies come along it’s always more of a balancing act where you have to figure out who is going to do what…even at a very young age, most older siblings like to help with the baby, so finding ways to include them in what is going on in the house can be very important.

Most importantly, you need to remember that while it might seem like it’s overwhelming and that it’s going to be a very disruptive process, eventually things do you get better. Eventually the older sibling does settle into his or her new role, and the balance in the family does get better.

I do have to mention that I meant to post this about a week ago. And then life got insanely busy and then I got sick. So…my loyal readers – I apologize for dropping the ball this week! I promise to make it up to you this week! And I KNOW you’re going to be super happy with all of the fun things on the way.

Happy Saturday!

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