Two Months Post-Partum: Getting Back to Pre-Pregnancy Jeans

I feel like getting back into my “normal” jeans is a never ending task. Basically, I fit in them. But I fit differently in them. My tummy is getting flatter by the day (thanks to the much hated ab work I’ve been doing), but everything still feels like it’s in a different place than it was before I got pregnant. And I still feel that little pooch below my belly button. BUT: I do feel a lot better and – at least I can fit into my jeans again – without (too much of) a muffin top. I’m pretty sure that deserves a collateral woohoo! At least it does in my head.

So how have I been fitting in work outs with working + baby + blogging + life? I’m not going to lie to you guys: it’s not easy. It involves a lot of flexibility and a lot of self motivating. Some days I really do NOT have the energy to work out – which means I take the bean and the moose for as long of a walk as I can handle. Some days I’m planning on doing a barre dvd and the baby is so dang fussy that it doesn’t happen. My fix: I put him in the Sash Mei and wear him on the elliptical for a half hour.

I keep ten pound dumbbells underneath the end table next to our couch – and then if I have twenty or thirty minutes during the day (or night) and la babe is sleeping, I do three sets of a lifting/squatting/abs circuit. That I made up. But seriously, you have to do what works.

And then on days when I can make it fit into the day, I do a barre workout – which is honestly one of the most challenging forms of exercise I have ever attempted in my life. That being said, I notice a difference in my body every.single.time. I do one of these workouts. Amazing.

Anyway, the point of this post: I know that a lot of you reading this either have kids or are pregnant. Or just looking for new workouts/trying to get into shape. The constant quest, am I right? Yes. So I’m going to be posting some of the awesome workouts – REAL MOM WORKOUTS that you can fit into your day – that I’ve been doing over the next couple of weeks. Aka the time of year when we need them most!

Tomorrow is day numero uno – and since abs have been my least favorite but most rewarding area to work on – I’ll be sharing my little abdominal combination that I use after doing cardio and as part of my living room circuit training.

Have workout ideas you want to share – or have a workout question? I am by no means an expert, but I am a semi-exercise-queen. And I’d be happy to share my/your knowledge here on The Mommyhood Project! So email me at We can get in shape together!

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