Tonight is one of those nights: I’m plum tuckered out.

Tonight is one of those nights where I just feel like I have nothing left to give. It’s one of those things that sometimes (commonly) happens when you’re a parent. You’re drained. Exhausted. Life is busy, everyone’s pulling you in a different direction and it just so happens that tonight, at the end of the day, I want to curl up on my couch and cry. Or drink. Because today is one of those days where I have nothing left for me.

After taking care of everyone and dealing with everything, I’m worn out. Tonight, I spent three hours in my car (wahoo, snow!). I have a bazillion and two emails to catch up on. I have work to do. I have dinner to make. I have a child who is exhausted and is refusing to eat more than a sippy cup of milk and will only eat that if I hold him like a baby. Two dogs that are clamoring for attention. A house that needs a deep cleaning three days ago. And a brain that is so full that it has now turned into a pounding freaking headache. Joy.

If you’re a parent, you know exactly how I feel. We all go through days (which sometimes feel like years) feeling like this. In reality, I’ll be over it by tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I’ll kick my own patootie into gear and get on with my life – because being a whiny sack of potatoes doesn’t really get me anything. But tonight, after everyone goes to bed, I think I’m going to lay on my living room floor, close my eyes to the world and listen to the quiet for ten minutes.

Although I do have to say: looking a photos of my little man – after he’s gone to bed – sure does re-energize my mommy spirit…he’s so dang cute!


Tell me in the comments: what do YOU do when mommyhood (or daddyhood) gets you feeling exhausted?

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