Toddler Bath Time

So…it’s Tuesday.

I went into the office today. It was my first day back actually in my office in this new life. It was weird. An odd part of my old normal that I can just walk into without thinking. It’s weird, because being so focused made the little voice in the back of my head shut off and let me just be a worker bee. Breathe. Be.


But that’s a story for another day.

Right now, I’m working on this new normal. And part of this includes a very routinized evening. Since so many pieces of our life are just…up in the air right now, I am keeping myself sane by knowing what my evening will consist of. For the planner side of me, it helps. At least a little.

Now that Ricky’s a fully-fledged toddler who loves to play outside all.the.time., bath time is basically part of our every night routine from here until eternity. Being outside means dirt, sand and lots of sunscreen…yes, a nightly bath is essential.

Ricky also loves bath time, so it’s a nice way to transition from daytime to our bedtime routine without too much of a fuss. I love bath time too, because it is just so relaxing. It is the only time of day when my curious one-year-old is actually content to be contained in a very small space, completely entertained by some ducks, boats and nesting cups.

I also love the lavender scented baby bubbles. Partially because it calms down my energetic boy to a point where we can actually corral him to put on his jammies. And partially because it brings mama down a notch – it’s the moment when I can stop forcing myself to keep busy busy busy all day long and just relax with my little family.

Oh. And then there’s this other thing: bath time means I made it through another day. I didn’t become catatonic. I didn’t actually lose my mind from what we’re coping with. I was productive. And now I can relax. These are literally the thoughts that go through my mind when we get to bath time.

And then I remind myself to breathe.

After we get his jammies on, my little man will actually sit in a rocking chair and cuddle with me while we read stories and sing songs before bed.

This – THIS ^^^ – is my bliss. It’s the weekday space where I can just enjoy being a mom and nothing else. And it all starts with a bath.

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