Things I Love: Yes To Blueberries

Have you ever heard of the Yes to… line of skincare products? I had always seen them, but never really tried them. And then on my quest for the best anti-aging skin care, my friend Melissa told me about how much she loved their eye cream. So I started checking it out and liked what I saw. They’re natural, pretty much free of parabens, petroleum, phthalates and SLS – things that are not so bueno for your skin.

So I started trying the blueberry line, because the anti-oxidants in berries are supposed to be good for your skin. And because I like the fresh scent of the product. Oh – and the price is pretty freaking awesome, too. I get mine at Target, which is a bonus – because it saves me an extra trip to the beauty store.

My skin feels great and looks fresh. The face wipes are great for removing make up or after working out. The rest of the skin care is awesome for a regular skin care routine. One thing that I will mention is if you’re looking to start a fully new skin care regimen, make sure you give your skin some time to adjust. Don’t jump in head first – use a product every other day, alternating with your current brand, and work your way up to using the new products for your morning and evening face care. Trust me, the adjustment will go much more smoothly if you give your skin some time to adjust to any new product.

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Tell me in the comments: what’s your favorite anti-aging product?


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