Things I Love: The Uppababy Vista Stroller

When I first found out we were pregnant, one of the first things I did was start reading about not just what I needed to know about actually being pregnant, but about all of the super cute baby gear that we were going to need. And before looking at clothes and toys and all of the little accessories that go hand in hand with preparing for a little one, I started looking at all of the big pieces we needed. The things that actually required research before purchasing. And one of those things was our stroller.

I knew that this was something we’d be using a lot – and there were several features that I realized we absolutely HAD to have to make this big baby accessory really fit our lifestyle. One, we needed something that would grow with our family – since the strollers I liked were pretty spendy, this wasn’t a purchase I wanted to make multiple times over the next couple of years if I didn’t have to. Two, it had to be stylish – this one’s a given. Three, I really wanted something that had both a bassinet and a toddler seat – so that not only could the stroller expand for more kids, it could grow with my little bean as he got older. Oh, and I wanted to do all of this for the most economical price available.

Enter: The Uppababy Vista. The thing that drew me in was that nearly all of the accessories were included in the actual purchase price of the stroller. There wasn’t one price for the base stroller plus an extra fee for the bassinet, an extra fee for the rain guard, etc. Sure, there are some accessories you have to purchase separately. But the main things that we were looking for were all included in the initial purchase price. Then I found out that it expands out to accommodate more children – you can add a “rumble seat” to the back for another toddler or a standing pad for a more mobile kid that only needs a ride some of the time. And the look? Well, it’s definitely stylish. It comes in a ton of different colors (mine is the Carlin Green). And tons of celebs have it – fah-bu-lous!

For the price (around $700) you get a stroller that has all the bells and whistles, but it’s still less spendy than some of it’s competitors like the Bugaboo. But even with all of these fantastic features that we wanted, the true test is whether it’s actually functional with a baby. And it totally is. We’ve used this thing at the mall, where it handles around stores with ease. For walks, where it keeps la babe toasty warm on crisp fall days and shielded from the sun with it’s awesome UV shield that pulls out from the canopy. We’ve even used it as a bed for him while we were up north at the lake – and it worked perfectly!

All in all, I highly recommend this stroller. It’s been the perfect fit for us!

Want to get your own? Check out the Uppababy Vista Stroller on Amazon:

:note: Uppababy has no idea who I am. I just LOVE this stroller!


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