Things I Love: Finish Quantum Dishwasher Cleaner

So I have a confession for ya’ll. I am absolutely in lurve with the Finish Quantum dish detergent pods. In full disclosure, it makes me feel incredibly old to be talking about how much I love a cleaner for my dishwasher. But I also realize that sharing this little piece of domestic happiness is probably something that you guys want to know about. Right? Right.

Anyway. We’ve been really unhappy with how our dishes have been coming out of our dishwasher. No matter how hot or long our dishwasher runs for, no matter how many times I run the cleaner {slash half a bottle of bleach} through it, it just doesn’t seem to help: our dishes never come as clean as I would really like them to. We’ve literally tried everything. And the results have been pretty pitiful.

And then I heard about these “quantum” pods that you can get at Target. I had no idea who made them, for all I knew they were some generic brand that just happened to work really well. When I actually went to find my new secret dish washing product, I was actually surprised to see that they’re made by Finish. And that they were a top recommended product in Good Housekeeping. At this point I was intrigued. So I bought a pack and kept my fingers crossed that these things were my dish washing miracle.

And low and behold…they were. Suddenly, my silverware wasn’t spotty:

dishwashing pod, dish washing detergent, best dishwasher

And my coffee cups no longer had semi-permanent coffee stains in them:

dishwashing pod, dish washing detergent, best dishwasher

And I was a happy mama. Apparently it’s quite easy to put a smile on a newly minted domestic diva’s face. Just get her dishes extra super clean.

Tell me: what’s YOUR favorite cleaning product?

PSA: Finish and Quantum and Finish Quantum have no idea in heck who I am. I just really – REALLY – love this product. And know that you will too. Over and out.

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