Things I Love: Boots No. 7 for Anti-Aging (and getting rid of my wrinkles)

Let me just throw this out there: I love beauty products.

Back in my 20s, this was code for like ohmigerd I just lurve make up okayyyy?

And now, this means promise to get rid of my wrinkles and I WILL BUY YOU.

The former gives me flashbacks to when I met my hubby:


In case you were wondering (because I know you were), this was actually the night that I met my hubs. I was so….blonde! Can you believe I have a picture from that night? It wasn’t intentional. But I had to throw that out there.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for an awesome anti-wrinkle product for quite some time now. For a LONG time now, actually. I’ve tried stuff that’s worked a little, worked too much and not worked at all. And I’ve finally found the line that is my new state of anti-wrinkle perfection. At least, it’s my state of perfection until I turn a year older and decide that I need something more intense.

So what it is? I know you’re asking me that through your computer screen (I’m not telepathic – I just know you that well). It’s the Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect line – mostly the night cream and the serum. And you know what? I got it at Target. So it’s not some super fancy crap that I have to order online and it’s not some super expensive junk that’s going to cost a fortune.

The products run about twenty bucks each. And I can pick them up while I’m getting all the other stuff I need for the week. No extra stops and no waiting for UPS to come? This is my kind of product.

I’ve been gently easing them into my regular make up regimen, using them a little more frequently each week. And four weeks in, I have to say that I’m super impressed with the results, especially since I haven’t been using the product to the full force potential yet.

Check out my awesome forehead wrinkles from our photo shoot in March:

18 month photo shoot

Don’t say you can barely see them. Cause you know if they showed up after going through Photoshop, they’re there. I swear they just appeared on my thirtieth birthday in February. Le sigh.

And here you go today – no make up and no Photoshop. Honest.

If you don’t believe me, believe my scrunched up face. I only make that face when I’m not wearing make up.

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Despite the fact that I look terrifying in this photo, you can see how much better my forehead wrinkles are getting, right? RIGHT?

I know, it’s amazing. Which is basically why I’m telling you this: I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. And if I love it (because it actually works), then you know I’m gonna tell ya about it.

Full disclosure: Boots No. 7 has no idea who I am. They didn’t ask me to post about them. I just really love their stuff, ok?


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