The Post Where My Lack of Sleep Becomes Glaringly Obvious.

Things that make me happy:

  • Hubs + Baby + Lucy. Obvi.
  • New, amazing opportunities.
  • Delicious recipes that I will be attempting this weekend.
  • Being caught up on laundry. I’m not right now. But the thought of being caught up makes me happy.

Things that don’t make me happy:

  • My house is in desperate need of a deep cleaning.
  • I’m averaging four and a half hours of sleep a night this week – even though the babe has slept through the night twice this week. Weird how that works.
  • My body is exhausted. See above.
  • My head is pounding. Again. See above.

When it rains, it pours. Slash it might be time for mama to consider a cleaning service again. Slash I really need to start sleeping better, if only to write better blog posts.


Over and out.


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    tough times. I totally relate. people say sleep when the baby sleeps! when the baby sleeps we have to get things done! don’t worry about the messy house. all that matters is you and babe.

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