The Hair Guide Part II: How to Braid Your Hair

I’m continuing with the hair series – with today’s post being focused on an easy way to braid your hair. French braids are gorgeous and totally in, they’re just not the easiest to do. It’s easy to french braid the hair on the top of your head, but once you get behind your sight lines things can get messy. So this quick braiding guide will give you a gorgeous braided look without the time intensity that a full french braid requires. And I know – it looks super long, but in reality will take you five minutes or less to do, especially with practice!

P.S. – I realize that not all the pictures are perfect. I’m not so awesome at the “taking pictures of myself in a mirror” thing yet. I’m getting there though – already I’ve noticed that if you look INTO the camera in the mirror when taking these kinds of pictures, you don’t look like so much of a crazy person! Over and out. And enjoy.

Start with dirty hair. Seriously – it will hold the style better! You can add some dry shampoo or hair powder to absorb any extra oil (and add some extra volume).

Use a hard bristled brush (like the one I’m chewing on, although it doesn’t have to be that narrow) to tease your hair. Start with a section of hair at the crown of your head. Don’t know how to tease your hair? Here’s a quick tutorial:

1. Grab a section of hair.

2. Spray a quick dab of hairspray at the root of that section of hair.

3. Backcomb – as in brush the hair in the opposite direction you normally would – to build volume.

4. Place the section of hair back down on your head. That’s it!

Keep working in small sections until you reach the section of hair at the front of your bangs. And if you don’t have bangs…well, the front of your head. Once you tease this piece, though, place it to the side of your face (below).

Grab a small section of hair behind that front section and make a little bump – this is for volume at the front of your ‘do. Trust me on this – it will make the look. Use two bobby pins to secure in place. The trick to this is to make sure that the front section of hair – the one that’s currently off to the side – is longer than where the bobby pins are placed so that it can be swept into the braid and held in place.

Now use your brush to gently push the front section of teased hair over the bump – which will hide the bobby pins. And no, I’m not really sure why this picture turned out blurry. It all relates back to the I-don’t-know-how-to-take-mirror-pictures thing.

Starting just below those bobby pins, start french braiding your hair. When you bring in the new sections of hair, grab small pieces from the sides of your face. Secure with bobby pins about two inches past the crown of your head if you have long hair and closer to the crown of your head if you have shorter hair. Trick: once you’ve gotten enough hair in the bobby pin to secure this in place, push the bobby pin DOWN, not across – the back of your head. It’s easier to hide the bobby pins this way!

Now grab the rest of your hair in a ponytail and complete the style by doing a simple braid – since this isn’t a french braid down your back, you’re not going to have the problem of big chunks of hair falling out of your braid. Genius, right?

I secure this with a large hair binder, leaving about 1/3 of my hair out of the braid.

Get dressed and you’re ready to go!

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