The Hair Guide: Hydration Therapy for your Hair

Today on the hair guide: hydration therapy for your hair!

No matter what type or color of hair you have, one thing is universal: hydration is key. It’s also the one thing that’s overlooked by most women! There are a few ways that you can make sure your hair stays moisturized throughout the driest months of the year. One way is to sleep with conditioner in your hair once a week – just rinse it out in the morning and you’ll have silky soft hair. To be honest though – that’s a little time intensive, especially when you have a tendency to run behind in the mornings. Not that I do or anything.

Anyway, my favorite way to hydrate is via the Moroccan Oil line – surprsing, I know. But they have a hair mask that is absolutely fantastic for keeping your hair hydrated! Even if you use a different brand of hair hydration you can use this tutorial. One of the biggest benefits of a hair mask: you only need to use them once every couple of weeks to achieve seriously soft hair. Plus it’s key for keeping those lovely locks healthy!

First, wash your hair like normal and towel dry it to remove the excess moisture. Your hair should be damp but not dripping wet when you apply the mask.

Apply a generous amount of the mask to your hair. Avoid applying it directly to the roots – because you’ll end up looking like a greaseball for a few days. Also: DON’T keep this container in the shower. It’s super important to keep water out of the mask (per Amber, my awesome hair stylist!).

Comb the mask through your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes to an hour – or longer, if you have a tendency to get completely distracted like I do. Rinse the mask out of your hair. I flip my hair over the side of the tub and rinse it out under the faucet. If you do rinse your hair this way, just make sure you get ALL of the mask out. It’s easy to miss sections of hair since you’re essentially rinsing your hair the opposite way that you normally do!

I let my hair air dry – always – because that heat can really dry out your hair. Plus I’m too busy lazy to go through the work of actually blow drying my hair on a regular basis. Run a brush through it and you have super hydrated hair!

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