The Great Poop Debate

I don’t think I’ve ever told ya’ll about the “deal” that Ricky and I made waaaay back last winter when we first found out that we were having a baby. Lucy was still a wee pup and we were talking about potentially moving to a small farm just outside of the city. The whole “small farm” thing might sound funny if you don’t already know the back story – let me give you the short version: Ricky wanted a horse. And a pair of reindeer – basically so that he could build a sleigh for them to pull around the property.

You might think I’m kidding. I’m not. This was my reality last winter. So when I made the pact with Ricky – that he would be in charge of any animal poop – FOREVER – and I was in charge of changing every dirty diaper than any of our future children generated, I thought I was getting the good end of the stick.

And then: we didn’t move to the country. We didn’t end up having reindeer and horses and the potential for breeding puppies each year. Which means: I change diapers six to ten times a day. All day, all night – 24/7 I am on diaper duty. He picks up after the dog once a week. Yes, that’s forever – but keep in mind that our plan includes four children. Do the math on that one.

So here I am, annoyed that I got the worse end of the stick. And then today, I decided to be a really excellent wife, because my hubby’s been working his patootie off for the past several weeks. I went outside and started doing Ricky’s job: cleaning up after Lucy. And you know what? I don’t care that he only has to do it once a week. I will change every.single.diaper. that our children ever generate. I never want to have to clean up after the dog again.

So it turns out, it’s all about perspective. I hate cleaning up dog poop. Changing a dirty diaper is just a million times easier and less gross. Ricky looks like he’s going to pass out every time I threaten that he’s going to have to change a poopy diaper. So the arrangement – the deal that I thought was only benefiting one of us – is actually a good thing for both of us. Turns out this stick has two good sides.


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