The five foods you MUST have on hand while pregnant

I have pregnant brain right now. Which actually means two things: I’m both heavily focused on my pregnancy and increasingly forgetful about the things that make my day to day life go round, like which parking lot my car is in and where my wallet went. Obviously, we’re going to focus on the first today, because it’s just…easier to explain. Mostly I’m going to tell you about pregnancy hunger – when it strikes, what it consists of and what foods you absolutely must keep on hand no matter where you live. Seriously.

So…what is pregnancy hunger?

It’s this ravenous beast that strikes when you least expect it. It can be simply hunger for food, a craving for a specific thing or a hankering for something you’re very much not allowed to have as a pregnant woman. Here’s how it generally works.

Situation A: You discover you’re hungry. In the middle of a meeting, or when you’re in your car, or when you’ve already eaten seventeen other things and just can’t seem to find that lovely full feeling. You end up eating whatever you can find closest to you – a strawberry salad, box of sour patch kids, bowl of cereal…and sometimes all three. Yep. It’s a unique beast, this general pregnancy hunger.

Situation B: You are suddenly hungry for a big slice of pepperoni pizza. But beware! You’d better order something fast. Because the longer you wait to eat, the more likely you are to be completely repulsed by whatever food is set in front of you. Which is when you find yourself consuming a bowl of cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner because absolutely everything else disgusts you. Trust me. It happens. Basically on a weekly basis in my world.

Situation C: You find yourself craving exactly what you’re not allowed to have while pregnant. It doesn’t matter if it was a year before becoming pregnant that you last actually ate that food, you will crave it. For days. Remember a time when you could have sushi? Ham and cheese sandwiches? Yep: get your fill pre-pregnancy. Because you’ll be craving just a whiff while you’re with child.

17 months old

So…despite all of these super amazing cravings (and the “keep that food away from me or I will literally puke in your lap” moments), what should every pregnant woman keep on hand no matter what throughout her entire nine months? Why, these five things of course!

1. Cereal. Pick one out that you can commit to loving for the next nine months. Plan on buying two boxes a week, especially if you have a hubs that lurves him some cereal as a midnight snack. In my house, this consists of Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes. Amazing (and high in folic acid!) It’s the best dinner on the market, especially when actually cooking dinner makes you want to hurl.

2. Vitamin D milk. For your cereal. And for keeping up the calcium and Vitamin D supply up. Without proper nutrition, your body sends all of the good nutrients to the baby. This means your body could potentially not get nutrients it needs to function. Which, long story short, means you could LOSE TEETH if you don’t take care of yourself (thanks Wendy!). So drink/eat/swallow your vitamins, including your prenatals, daily. You can thank yourself later (when you have all of your teeth post-partum).

3. Lots of sweets. Keep a variety on hand, because you never know when the mood will strike for something sugary. Cookies, gummies, chocolate…it may be off limits when you’re not pregnant, but keeping some on hand while save your hubs from having to run to Walgreen’s at 9 PM. Which he’ll thank you for later.

4. Fresh salad stuff. As much as you’ll crave the sweet stuff, you’ll crave the healthy stuff too. Lately I’ve been all about the strawberry salads and veggie wraps (with hummus!) for lunch. Amazing. But it’s a lot cheaper to keep all of the ingredients on hand instead of having to run to the deli every time you want a salad. And it will save you a ton of time, too!

5. Ice cream. Lots of it. In lots of different flavors. Because it will end up being your dinner when that chicken you just made suddenly smells…not so great.

So, tell me in the comments: what were your pregnancy must haves?

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