The 4 Things I’m Loving in My Beauty Bag Right Now

Some of you know this, some of you don’t – but I am so addicted to beauty products that I’m surprised they don’t come up more often around here. But here’s the thing with my obsession: I don’t want to try everything and everything. I want to use only the stuff that works, period, the end. I don’t like having a million bottles jammed up in my cabinet, I don’t want to remove seventy-six shampoos and scrubs and conditioners from my shower every time my kid takes a bath. Seriously: give me the crap that works and I will use it religiously.

So in an effort to bring you more of the things I love – and the beauty products that work (at least, for me), here are my current fave four.

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1. Moroccan Oil Mask: This is one of the only hair products that I’ll pay top dollar for. It’s amazing. And that little container has lasted me almost two years (I bought it right after Ricky was born). Once a week, I use this after I get out of the shower. And I leave it in for about 24 hours (My stylist will die with laughter when she reads this. She totally thinks I’m nuts for leaving it in that long. Sorry Amber!) – the key is to use just a small amount.

I usually do this on a work day, believe it or not. I smooth this into my hair at night, so it’s pretty dry by the time morning rolls around, even though I’ve left the conditioner in. Then I just braid it, turn the braid into a bun and it looks super fab because the hair cuticles are literally crazy smooth. That night, I rinse it out and do my normal hair routine – and you would not believe how silky my locks are for the next week. Not just silky, but they hold a perfect curl. LOVE.

2. Zeva Nail Cuticle Oil: I got this at the salon a few months ago for like fifteen bucks. It’s a cuticle pen, and it works like a charm! My fingers have never looked so good – at least, for the month that I was really diligent about using it, they never looked so good. I love that I can throw this in my wallet to quick oil my cuticles when I’m out running errands or when I stop for a coffee. It’s a lifesaver!

3. Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids: Ever since we had Ricky, I really haven’t worn much in the way of lip color. But now that I’m in my 30s, I feel like this needs to change. I started out buying a few light colors at Target about a year ago and I’ve now fallen in love with the Color Sensational line. But what I’m REALLY loving today is the Vivids line – specifically the “On Fire Red” color – because it is SO perfect for fall. And it’s an awesome color pop when I don’t want to get all dolled up. Perfection.

4. Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream: A few months ago, I bought a whole Regenerist kit and it did not end well. I had bumps on my face, they were red and itchy and really ugly, if we’re being frank. But then I forgot to return it to the store, and decided to give the lotion another try, because I had read some good reviews (and I was pretty sure the face wash is what I’m allergic to). And boy oh boy, am I glad that I gave this stuff another try. My face is baby smooth and ultra moisturized – in a good way. It feels like silk to put this stuff on. I love it so much that I use it twice a day.

What’s in your beauty back right now? Tell me in the comments!


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