Ten Weeks Postpartum: How Life with a Baby Changes Everything

I’m {almost} officially ten weeks postpartum. Part of me can’t believe that this little guy has only been here for ten weeks – and part of me can’t really remember what life was like before he arrived! Ok, that’s not completely true. I remember what life was like before having a baby – it just seems like it was so much longer than ten weeks ago. Here are the top ten things you should know about life with a baby, two and a half months in…

1. At ten weeks postpartum, RJ has slept through the night three times. I think. Here’s the thing: sleeping through the night isn’t what you think it is before you have a baby. Six to seven hours of solid sleep is considered “sleeping through the night” for a baby at this stage in the game. And that six or seven hour stretch might start at eight o’clock at night. So when your friends say that their babies slept through the night at two months old, that might be accurate – but it doesn’t mean that they’re actually getting a full night of rest.

2. Speaking of sleep – or lack thereof – I’m still living off of coffee. Although I have to say that I’m not drinking it from 6 am til 9 pm anymore, which is progress. Baby steps.

3. TMI: You would think that at ten weeks post-pregnancy your body would be feeling – if not looking – back to it’s normal self. But it doesn’t quite work that way. You get past that six week hump and feel like you can take on the world – until a whole nother round of hormones come crashing through your body with your first period. You break out, you have the worst cramps of your life, you sweat like a mofo. Although I have to say, I’m finally starting to feel back to my “take on the world” self. I’m just hoping these crazy hormone swings are done for a while now.

4. At this age, RJ really wants his mama. A lot. It’s funny: there are times when he’s sleeping and Ricky’s sitting next to him. It’s like he’ll sense when I leave the room – even just to go to the bathroom – and start screaming. No matter what Ricky does, the kid will continue screaming until I come back into the room and scoop him up. And then he’s totally fine! I guess there really is something to be said for a mama’s touch.

5. Spit up is a fact of life. If you’re pregnant, get your couch scotch guarded NOW. Trust me: it’s been a lifesaver at our house. Oh, and want a little mama tip for preventing spit up from ruining those cute little baby clothes? Grab an extra bottle brush from your kitchen – you know you have a million of them. And invest in some Era detergent (best price in my town is at Menard’s, aka my new favorite store). When you’re ready to wash a batch of baby clothes, set all of the spit up stained ones to the side. Before you throw them into the washer, apply a little Era to the dried spit up and scrub it in with the bottle brush. REALLY scrub it in. Then wash like normal. If the stains are really old, you might have to do this twice – but the combo of the Era + bristles breaks down the proteins in the stain and helps them to wash away: which means the baby clothes stay looking cute – slash we can keep them for our next baby and they’ll still look new. Oh, and Era has no idea who I am. It’s just the best stuff around for getting this kind of stain out.

6. I never thought I would be able to call myself an expert at getting baby spit up out of clothes. But apparently, I am. That ish be cray cray.

7. In addition to my new mothering skills, I have picked up on the latest “teen speak” {see above}. Slash I have completely lost my mind. Slash my brain has been on overdrive and I read way too many tweets when I’m up with the baby in the middle of the night.

8. I’m realizing that Lucy’s not getting lazier since the baby arrived. She’s just getting more protective of him. RJ and I went on a walk this weekend when we ran into a Labradoodle that was the same size, if not a little bigger, than my miniature moose. This dog was calm, so I stopped for Lucy to play with him for a minute – never even thinking that he’d be more interested in my sleeping child than my dog. He went over to look into the bassinet on my stroller {tall pooch} – and his owner didn’t just not stop him, she told me that it was ok! Just as I was about to jump into action {hello, if I don’t know you please don’t let your dog try to get that close to my two month old baby’s face, I don’t know how your dog (or my baby) will react!}, Lucy beat me to the punch and scared that dog far away from my little guy. She put herself between the stroller and the dog – and got her “back the eff off” growl on. I have to admit that I had a little bit of a proud puppy mama moment to see her protect him like that!

9. I honestly cannot believe the amount of diapers this kid generates. Or how stinky they can be. I mean seriously, how can something so small and so sweet create such a large amount of stink? I don’t get it.

10. Words that start with “L” have become a bigger piece of my life. There’s:

  • More laid back in my life.
  • More laundry in my life.
  • More lounging in my life.
  • More love in my life – especially when that little guy smiles, it makes me melt <3

Tell me in the comments: how did your life change in the first three months with a baby?


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    Such a good list! I’m at the 16 month mark, and I still feel every word you said. New motherhood is freakin’ insane. I walk around looking at moms in the store, the ones I used to just walk right by before I had a kid, and I want to hand them a medal. I want to ask, when was the last time you showered? slept for 8 or more hours uninterrupted? ate a HOT meal? didn’t dress yourself thinking about accessibility to your boobs? Here are some medals for you.

    3 months in, I was also recovering from moving across the country, so I was double insane. You’re right about the hormones. No joke. I felt part of the fog lift around 3 months, a little more around 6, and felt like 100% me at 1 year. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to read more or at least watch/find some really encouraging stuff to do while my kid was still immobile. I look back at the days of nursing 8-10 hours per day and think, “I watched a lot of Bravo TV shows and played a lot of Angry Birds. I probably would have felt better about life if I had at least read or listened to one encouraging book.”

    But truth be told, parenting is a marathon, and you do what you gotta do to get through each mile with as much sanity and as little physical injury as possible.

    So glad to be walking this journey of new motherhood with you!

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      Marie, you are amazing. You have such a positive take on motherhood – even the not so awesome things! I am so glad to be walking this journey with YOU!

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    Thanks for all of the great tips!! I’m far, far, FAR away from being there but it’s good to hear how things are on the other side! Are you one of those “sleep when he sleeps” moms? I’ve heard that’s really the only decent way to get sleep. Sadly, I’ll actually be back at work after 8 weeks, but I’m sure I’ll get to experience a lot of fun stuff before then!

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      I totally wish I was one of those moms. Sadly, it’s just not possible to sleep whenever the baby sleeps. There’s always laundry or cooking or cleaning, trying to fit in workouts, etc. When we first came home from the hospital, I tried to nap at night when my hubby got home from work. That way I had a couple of hours to not worry about the baby needing anything!


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