Ten things that make the first week with a newborn way easier!

Whew – it’s been a whirlwind of a week! I can tell you right now – without a doubt – that there are ten things that have made my first week as a newborn’s mommy infinitely easier. If you’re a soon-to-be momma, I highly recommending investing in at least a few of these items – they’ll make your entry to mommyhood a heckuva lot easier!

1. Swaddling blankets – well, my baby is quite active and has a tendency to wake himself up in the middle of the night his sleep sessions with all of his leg and arm movements if he’s left to his own devices. A well wrapped swaddling blanket has given momma an extra couple of hours of sleep over the last weItek. Amazing.

2. Halo Swaddle Sacks – AWESOME. They even velcro so that Mr. Squirms-a-lot can’t wiggle his way out of the wrap. Oh, and they zip from the bottom, which makes those middle of the night diaper changes way easier (since the babe’s entire body isn’t completely exposed to the cool air). Loves it.

3. Belly Bandit – it just makes you feel better about that empty, slightly saggy belly you’re carrying around. It helps your belly muscles go back to their rightful place, helps your uterus contract faster (which means you’ll get your shape back faster) and encourages you to use your core again. Oh, and it helps your body to get rid of all that excess blood and fluid (gross, I know) that’s floating around in your system. All very good things!

4. Mambo (or a Boppy) Seat – this thing is so multi-purpose and makes my day so much easier! It’s great for propping up my arm (slash wrapping around my body for back support) at the eight feeding of the day. The babe really likes to sleep in it next to me while I work in bed. And it’s also great for tummy time!

:side note: it’s not safe to keep your baby sleeping in this unattended. Adult supervision is definitely required πŸ™‚

5. A glider and a light on a dimmer in the nursery – this is awesome for middle of the night feedings. The rocking motion will put your baby back to sleep quickly after eating and the light with a dimmer switch allows you to see where you’re going in the room but make sure that the baby goes back to bed after eating – key for making sure they don’t get mixed up on the whole day and night concept!

6. Coffee – lots and lots of coffee. For obvious reasons.

7. A reusable water jug – I’ve been using the one from the hospital because it’s HUGE and doesn’t have to be refilled seventeen times a day. Regardless of what KIND you use, just make sure you’re getting about double your normal water intake. It will flush all of the toxins out of your body and keep you hydrated – aka less tired looking, despite your lack of sleep.

8. Easy to eat, healthy food: you’ll feel way better about yourself if you’re grabbing an apple with peanut butter or a sandwich made with freshly sliced ham and cheese for lunch over some microwavable meal that’s full of processed ingredients and sodium (which will make you feel bloated – something no post-partum momma wants to feel!).

9. OnDemand: when the baby is being fussy and won’t let me put him down despite the fact that he’s just going to sleep once I pick him up, it’s the perfect time to catch up on my favorite TV series(es). I love this feature of cable!

10. Lots and lots of patience: because there’s a lot going on that’s compeletely out of your control – things like when your baby eats/sleeps/poops, how much sleep you’re going to get, how fast that baby weight comes off, etc.


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    Congratulations!!! So precious!

    I love your list, by the way. Have to agree with the Boppy pillow, glider, dim lights, those swaddle blankets with zippers…. just about all of it!

    Hope you get a some sleep and enjoy a lot of cuddles over the next few weeks!

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    congrats! love your list and I agree with everything! my baby is just about 5 months and that need for coffee….that hasn’t gone away!

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