Ten of My Favorite Mommy Moments. Although They’re All Pretty Good.

1. When he falls asleep on my chest for two hours at a shot. He’s just so sweet.

2. When he coos – it makes me smile all day long.

3. When he gets all cuddled up in his jammies at night. He looks so cozy!

4. When he sits in the crook of the hubby’s arm to watch Sesame Street Truck U. Yep.

5. When he gets the biggest smile on his face and shows off his {lack of} teeth. Gets me every time.

6. When he sticks out his bottom lip to a pout. It just makes me giggle.

7. When he makes little faces that mimic his daddy’s. It’s too funny.

8. When he gets super interested in the pooch – he gets super serious.

9. When it’s bathtime and he gets SO excited. It cracks me up!

10. When he sits back of my legs on the couch and we make faces at each other for an hour at a stretch. It’s awesome.


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