Ten Mama Necessities for Life with a Newborn

Since becoming a mom in real life, the products that our house goes through the most have totally changed. Need suggestions on what to stock up on for the new little one in your life? Slash want to relive the days of babe? Here are the ten products that I seriously can’t get enough of these days.

1. Laundry detergent. Partially because it’s winter and we go through more clothes in the winter, but also because shirts get spit up on them. And when it comes to baby clothes/linens/things, don’t be deceived by their size. My little guy generates more loads of laundry in a week than I do!

2. Dawn dishsoap. It probably goes hand in hand with the whole needing lots of baby clothes thing – but with how often we go through bottles at our house, my Sam’s Club membership sure is saving me some change in the cleaning supplies department!

3. Formula. Yes, my babe is formula fed. We go through a huge container from Sam’s about once every ten days. P.S.: it’s definitely cheaper to buy this stuff at Sam’s. Their generic formula is the same as Enfamil – and the same price as the Target generic brand, but you get way more product for the same price. At our house, this amounts to about three days worth of extra bottles for my little man.

4. Crock pot recipes. I generally don’t have time to make dinner on the fly anymore. I keep a supply of easy to make crock pot meals on hand and that is the number one way we get dinner these days! And you know what? Meals from your crock pot aren’t just easy. They’re totally delish.

5. Coffee. It’s my bff. And while you probably won’t be drinking as much of it as I do if you breastfeed, it’s honestly the only way I compensate for the lack of sleep I get these days.

6. Burp cloths. We have a ton and we never have enough. I’m honestly considering buying more the next time I go to Babies R Us. They’re a total lifesaver.

Mama tip: if you have a spitty baby and tend to let him sleep on your couch/bed while you’re working or watching tv or whatever, this is the perfect time to use all of those receiving blankets you got. Just put the blanket out underneath him and make sure it’s super flat. Then if he spits up, you just toss the blanket in the wash instead of having to clean your couch or change your sheets. So simple and yet such a genius idea. Don’t worry – you can thank me later.

7. The fancy camera. I never realized how MUCH we would use this thing once the little man arrived. Both Ricky and I use it for work, but we also use it all the time at home for our little guy. And we already have so many great photos to document him growing up. It was definitely worth the investment!

8. OnDemand. I love this service. When it’s a late night feeding and I’m up with the little guy for an hour, I catch up on some tv shows. When he’s super fussy, I can turn on Sesame Street at any time of day to calm him down. You can even watch music videos OnDemand. Loves it!

9. A portable baby mirror. I got the little guy this stand up baby mirror a few weeks ago and it’s the most used item in his toy chest. It’s lightweight and compact, so I can toss it in his diaper bag when we go places. It has a little stand off the back, so I can set it up on the floor when he’s having tummy time. It even hooks onto his crib, so if we want to attach it when he’s bigger we totally can! Love me a versatile product…

10. Sleepsacks. I didn’t really think we’d need to use these when he got bigger, but these wearable blankets are totally a necessity for my little guy. Since we don’t want to put a blanket in his crib {because of the SIDS risk}, these keep his little toes warm without making me check on him every twenty minutes.

11. Bonus: The AngelCare Monitor. This this is amazing. I don’t know how I would sleep without it since the little guy refuses to sleep on his back. Oh, and sometime this week I’ll post a tutorial for installing it on a pack and play bassinet…

Happy {snowy} Monday!


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    It is amazing how much our household changes with children! Tho you won’t go through quite as much laundry or formula when they get a little older, you still have a totally different shopping list when you have kids 🙂

    They are worth every minute tho!

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