Super Mom to the Rescue. Even on Saturdays.

Days like today make me feel like super mom. And it’s not even eight am yet.

I was up early with the little man – who was hungry well before six am but not ready to actually wake up. So instead of opening his eyes at all he just screamed while I prepared a bottle for him. I tried to give him some oatmeal – which is usually what he has for his first meal of the day – and he screamed some more. Apparently he really didn’t want to be awake. He just wanted that grumbling feeling in his belly to go away. I can relate to that.

It was pretty apparent that there was no way the little guy was going to wait patiently while I made some coffee. So RJ, his bottle and I made our way to the couch – sans coffee. Aka the mommy source of sustenance for those early morning wake up calls. He ate and started to fall back to sleep. Realizing that he could probably use a diaper change before he ended up back in dreamland, I carried the little bugger upstairs. And if you’re a parent, you know what happens when you change a half asleep baby’s diaper: they wake up.

PLAYTIME, MOMMY! There went my chances of actually nabbing an extra hour of sleep! Not that I was disappointed: a just fed baby is a very happy RJ, when he’s cooing and smiling and talking up a storm! Oh, and the Real Housewives of New Jersey Christmas episodes were on. Obviously I had to take advantage of this!

Eventually, my very tired child did find his way back to nigh-night. At that point, though – mama was feeling productive. So…I made some coffee. Cleaned the kitchen. Prepped what I need for my beef stroganoff that we’re having for dinner. Did some laundry. Sat down to go through my emails and all that la-de-dah. And then I realized that it’s Saturday. Isn’t today supposed to be the day that the hubs and I get to sleep in? Especially when it’s still dark outside? Sometimes being a mom makes you forget what day of the week it is…oops.

At least I was productive through my lack of sleep. Right? I thought so.

Tell me in the comments: do you ever find yourself forgetting what day of the week it is? And what makes you feel like super mom?


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