Suddenly My Baby Is A Little Boy

I don’t know how it happened. It seems like it was just yesterday when my baby ate, slept, pooped and repeated. He was always up for a cuddle. He fit into teeny tiny outfits that were oh-my-gawsh so adorable I can’t even stand it.

And now…well, he’s still a baby. And once or twice a day he’s down for some cuddle time with mama. But for the most part he’s all little boy. He sits on his own. He’s into 9 and 12 month clothes. He has his own HUGE personality. He laughs when things are funny and he’s trying to be mobile. And with how quickly the last six months flew by, I know that it’s only going to be another blink of an eye until my little babe is officially a toddler.

I’m excited for him to get bigger. I really am. But could time slow down just a little bit for now? Because it’s going a little fast for me right now!

Let me present: a photo montage. To chronicle just how quickly this half year has gone….

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August 2012 – still in mama’s belly!

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September 2012 – just born. It feels like it was yesterday!

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October 2012 – so teeny tiny in his carseat!

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November 2012 – bathtime, back when little man still fit in my kitchen sink. Weird how that seems like eons ago!

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December 2012: Baby’s first snowfall. Awe…

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January 2013 – baby’s first food: Oatmeal 🙂

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February 2013 – such a big personality!

baby easter, baby's first easter, 6 months old

March 2013 – baby’s first Easter!

baby easter, baby's first easter, 6 months old


Tell me in the comments: when did you first realize your baby was growing up?


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    he is so cute!! growing so fast. I think I realize how much my baby has grown when I see other babies or look back at photos. They truly do grow right before our eyes!

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