So My Baby Decided He’s Not Sleeping at Night Anymore

We’ve all been there: the night your baby decides he’s not going to sleep.

RJ was a fussmaster all afternoon yesterday – until I finally got him to fall asleep at nine. A half hour later I put him in bed, where he slept blissfully until midnight. And then: chaos.

For two hours, I was up giving him his pacifier back every twenty minutes. Then he decided he wasn’t going to go back to sleep – he was just going to scream. And cry. And scream some more. So I took him into the bathroom and tried the infamous sit in the dark with the shower running trick. He fell asleep. I put him to bed. Five minutes later he was up again. So…rinse and repeat, I tried it again.

Exhausted, we decided it was time for him to cry it out. I couldn’t just stay up with him all night – and that was where the night was headed. He cried for at least thirty minutes. I got up every so often to pat his bottom to calm him down, and he would. Until I was back in bed. Then he was back to screaming.

At this point, I was laying in bed about ready to start sobbing. My poor baby needed to sleep, but he refused to sleep. Ricky and I both needed to sleep – he’s still getting over a cold {following his bout with the flu} and I haven’t slept a full night in who knows how long. Ahhh, the life of a mama. Anyway, he finally did go to sleep – but this went in a sleep-scream-sleep cycle until I finally just got out of bed and started my day.

And then, a miracle: he took a half hour nap on my bed. Leaving me thinking that he simply doesn’t like the pack and play anymore.

I get it. It’s not the most comfy place in the world to nap. RJ sleeps really well on super soft surfaces – I think he likes the texture on his hands. The pack and play sheets? Not so soft. No matter how much I soak them in Downy, it’s like they have this permanent amount of starch built into them that I can never get loose.

Our solution? Well, since none of my normal solutions worked last night – and he’s been having a lot of trouble staying asleep in general over the last couple of weeks – I think it’s time for him to move into the crib. I’m more comfortable than I thought I would be with him moving out of our room at the four month mark for a few reasons.

  • One, his room is directly next to ours. Literally steps away.
  • Two, I keep the monitor directly next to my bed. It’s actually been sitting there since well before he was born, just waiting to be used.
  • Three, we have the Angelcare motion monitor set up on his bed. Not that it’s the be all, end all to safety – but it does give me a little more peace of mind.

So I’m willing to try it. I realize that this being our first baby, it’s a lot harder than it will be down the road. And that it’s a necessary step. But it’s also a little scary – a little more than a baby step towards my baby becoming a big boy.

Tell me in the comments: when did you transfer your baby to sleeping in their own room and how did you decide it was the right time?


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    My kiddo is just 17 days old and he isn’t a fan of the pack and play. No matter how hot it is in the room, it’s always cold on the pack and play! I have to make sure he has a hat on. He also hates being on his back and continues to roll over on his side.

    This is our first little one, and we know that it can be dangerous…but he has slept in our bed on more than one occasion. It’s amazing how much of a toss N’ turner I used to be and how now I sleep and do not move. I don’t think I get a deep enough sleep though because I am so worried about rolling over on him.

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      Omg I know what you mean – no matter what sheets I put on the pack and play mattress, it just isn’t comfy. And it IS colder than other places in our house! LOL we had the same problem. It made me really nervous, but having that motion monitor on while he’s sleeping gives me at least a little peace of mind!

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    Catherine says

    When I saw the title to your post the first thing I wondered was, how old is he?…our Will did the same exact thing at 4 mos. So of course I googled something like “WHY WON’T MY BABY SLEEP?!” (I google more often than I care to admit for parenting info!) and supposedly there is a “4 month wakeful” period they go through. I couldnt remember our first baby doing it, so I had never heard of such a thing! It has something to do with big developmental milestones happening at that time. But it made me feel better to know that it was a phase that would most likely pass, because I know when you’re in the thick of it all you can think about is “will this ever end?!” (and it did pass by the way, within a week or so).
    As far as the crib transition, I can’t help out there, we started both our babies in their cribs as soon as we got home from the hospital. I say, give it a try. It may help him better learn to put himself back to sleep/self-soothe, and I bet you will sleep better too, not hearing every little sigh – although they are pretty cute sighs. 🙂

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      This is so true! I was pulling my hair out trying to figure this out and heard about this – but so many moms told me that they didn’t remember that happening with their babies, either! I’m glad to know that someone else has experienced the exact same thing 🙂 Ahh the baby sighs. I do love that. But I think it is probably time for him to transition into his own room pretty soon…

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