Six Things That Make This Weekend Fabulous

4 months old, 20 weeks old, 21 weeks old, 19 weeks old, baby picture, baby photo, cute baby picture, cute baby photo, beautiful baby picture, beautiful baby photo, handsome baby picture, handsome baby photo,  infant picture, infant photo, cutest baby, adorable baby1. Friday night in with the hubby. After a crazy busy week {thank you so much snowstorm in April. You threw our whole week for a loop…} we were both exhausted on Friday. Enter: a giant pizza from DeLeos in Woodbury, cuddling with la babe and the DIY channel. All was right with the world again.

2. I actually had twenty minutes to give myself a mani/pedi last night. For the first time since RJ was born, I actually took the time to not do anything else. And since I opted for a bright clementine color, I will need another 20 minutes next weekend…

3. Yesterday I hosted a Mark. party with my friend Melissa – and it was amazing. I all of the products. The clothes fit like a dream and the accessories are gorgeous. Best part? Nothing has a big price tag. I got the cutest pair of sailor pants for like thirty bucks. LOVE. You can get in on the party if you want – nothing’s going to be better than having new spring clothes to wear when this snow is finally gone! Check it out.

4. RJ has started doing something that just melts my heart. When he gets sleepy, he cuddles up next to me and rests his head on my belly. So I rub his back. And he just lays there and looks up at me and smiles. My little baby is growing into a little boy and it’s seriously the best.

5. I have an Arbonne party today at my cousin Lindsay’s house. And I just can’t wait!

6. Definitely made Sangria yesterday. Only I was too sleepy by the time la babe went to bed to actually have any. So tonight: I get a glass of Sangria with the hubby. Hey, I can pretend that spring made and appearance, right?

Tell me in the comments: what makes this weekend fabulous for YOU?

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