Seven Day Cleanse: Day Seven and Beyond

I didn’t want to post a follow up to the seven day cleanse immediately. Why? Because I knew that even though day seven was the final day of the cleanse, the product hadn’t finished it’s effect on my body. So here I am, ready to tell you all about day seven and beyond.

I felt the cleanse continuing to pull toxins out of my body for about a week after day seven. It’s strange – you can feel it from your muscles to your toes. But you feel it in a really good way. Your body feels clean afterward.

Here are the seven things I learned for the next time around:

arbonne 7 day cleanse, body cleanse, cleanse drink, weight loss drink, drink weight loss, drink arbonne1. Drink a LOT of water. I didn’t drink enough water during the actual cleanse – and as a result got a small breakout on my chin. It wasn’t a terrible breakout, although that could be partially because as soon as I noticed a little bump forming I really started pumping water all day. From what I’ve read, the more water you drink with the cleanse the less you experience facial breakouts. Next time I’ll drink 64 ounces of water daily PLUS the 32 ounces of cleanse to prevent this from happening.

2. It takes the entire seven days to clean the toxins out of your kidneys. I’m not sure if that’s because this is my first ever cleanse, but expect very yellow pee for at least the length of the cleanse. Again, this probably would be different if I would have doubled my water intake.

3. For a couple of days my muscles felt like they do after a deep tissue massage. I think this is because the cleanse pushes the lactic acid buildup out of your muscles, the same way a massage would. The overall result? My muscles were actually less tense and sore. Definitely a good thing.

4. I feel like my metabolism is back where it should be. When I was pregnant, I developed a small thyroid issue – which is common. My thyroid had trouble getting back to normal, which meant my metabolism was a bit sluggish post-baby. I can honestly say that the effects of a slow thyroid seem to have worn off after doing the seven day cleanse. Although since I’ve also been stepping up my activity level and can finally be outside now that the snow is gone, it could be a combination of things.

5. I’ve “de-bloated”. About three weeks before I started doing the cleanse, I stopped drinking Diet Coke. It wasn’t something I consciously did, it just kind of happened. During the cleanse, a lot of air bubbles {that I didn’t know I had} worked their way out of my belly. The result is a less bloated belly that fits in my jeans again. HURRAY!

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Have questions about the Arbonne Seven Day Cleanse? Want to order it for yourself? email me. Blog readers always get 15% off of Arbonne products through me. Just cause I love you guys!

Tell me in the comments: Have YOU ever done a cleanse?


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    Sarah B. says

    I’ve have always been afraid of the nastiness that comes along with doing a cleanse but you definitely have me rethinking it. Lord knows my belly has a few too many bubble in it too after having mr. baby!

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