Rub A Dub Dub – Baby Bathtime

It’s really hard to get good pictures of la babe when he has his eyes open. Like, really difficult. One of the only times that we’re guaranteed to have some super alert time with him is bathtime – because for the most part, he absolutely LOVES playing in the water, even if he isn’t quite big enough to splash around yet. Oh, and speaking of him getting bigger, he’s pretty much outgrown the sink. Aka we’re going to have to get that baby whirlpool going pretty soon.

Yes, you did hear me correctly. The only thing that Ricky insisted we have on the baby registry was a baby whirlpool spa. And Mandy (my awesome sister-in-law) got it for him! Which means this kid – who seriously loves the water – will have the luxury bath time experience in his future. Maybe I’ll even set it up next to our full sized Jacuzzi and the boys can relax at the same time. Now that would make for some pretty awesome pictures.

But for now…baby bath time in the sink.

Distracted by Daddy with the camera…

Yes mama, I know how cute I am…

Ooooh me loves da water…

Is my mama a llama? Am I a llama? I’m so confused…

And just in case you were worried that my child never cries:

Don’t worry. He’s fully versed in the baby screams his head off move.


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    He is adorable 🙂 My girls were good with their baths when they were younger. Now that they are a little older, they fight me at shower time for some reason (even tho they feel better after their showers.)

    You will get to see his eyes more and more in the next couple months as he will be awake a little longer soon. My oldest was born a week before Christmas and her first Christmas Eve she slept through the whole family taking their turns holding her lol.

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      Awe, thanks Dawn!

      LOL – that is too funny about your girls. Part of growing up I suppose. I remember HATING having to brush my hair after showering at that age – because of the tangles!

      Oh, he’s definitely spending more time awake. He actually laughed yesterday – it was SO cute!!

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