RJ’s Sick – But at Least It’s Not The Flu. Oh, and I’m Back, Jack!

Hi guys! I’m back. I think. At least, as long as my little man is on the mend.

The last week has been one of the craziest I can remember – which I will get into later. Because the last week was nothing compared to the last two days. My little man is sick. It’s the first time he’s been sick – so Ricky and I are pretty happy that a baby born just before the start of flu season has actually made it to nearly four months old without any illnesses! But I have to tell you: seeing your baby under the weather is heartbreaking. It’s like he wants to be happy – but this dang cold he has just won’t let him be.

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed that RJ was really warm – seemingly out of the blue. After taking his temperature {which is quite the struggle, let me tell you!}, we realized that he was more than a little warm: he had a fever of 101.4. I gave him a dosage of acetaminophen hoping that the fever would break – but half an hour later, it was still the same. So we ended up at urgent care – where they basically told us that la babe either has a cold or the start of the flu. Comforting, I know.

So we came home and RJ slept on me for basically the rest of the evening. All he wanted was to cuddle up on mama with his soft little lamb lovey and his paci – which was quite sweet. Even though Ricky and I felt terrible that he was sick at the same time. His fever never came back after last night, so this morning we thought we were in the clear. Maybe it was just a quick cold that he had somehow picked up! Oh how wrong we were.

Ricky’s mom was watching the bean this morning and he suddenly took a turn for the sick. He threw up – and was really showing that he wasn’t feeling well – so we headed back in to the doctor for another exam. We still don’t know exactly what he has. In two visits to the pediatrician, they’ve basically told us that it could be a variety of things because there are SO many viruses going around right now. Good news? It’s more than likely NOT the flu. Silver lining? I think so.

All that we can really do is keep him hydrated (hellooooo, Pedialyte!), comfortable and well rested. Fingers crossed, Ricky and I don’t catch this bug and start passing it around our house, ring around the rosy style. Although I have to say that two days of family time on the couch isn’t a bad thing. And I did get all caught up on Revenge – bring on next week’s episode, baby!


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      Thanks Deb! We’re all a little under the weather – hubs has it the worst. He’s the only one that didn’t get a flu shot this year. Moral of the story: even if the flu shot doesn’t prevent the actual flu, it certainly lessens the symptoms!!!

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    Sorry to hear about your little one, I totally understand the pain of watching them suffer through illness. My son hated medicine too, so forcing pedialyte on him was like pulling teeth 😀 Hope he has a speedy recovery!

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      He’s getting there – thanks! Ahhh I think we’re lucky that he loves the Pedialite. I drank Gatorade my entire pregnancy. Maybe that helped?

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