Real Mom Advice: The Hair Guide Part I

One thing that I’ve noticed since I became a real life mom: whenever I go out of the house, other moms tell me that I always look dressed up – you know, for having a six week old kid and all. And I’m not trying to boast! Seriously. I’ve just come to realize that I have several little tricks for making myself look like I put a ton of work into getting ready when it’s really not true. In fact, the majority of the time I have an infant strapped to me while I’m doing my hair and makeup. Not.Joking. So in an effort to share a little new mom wisdom with my sistahs out there, I’m going to do a little hair guide: five different ways to do your hair in under five minutes. Today’s look: hair down so that it looks styled, but really isn’t.

To start, you’ll need a hard bristled brush and some hairspray. And a headband – mine (below) is by Bethany Lorelle – love her! I washed my hair today and let it air dry. It’s actually not even completely dry yet. To keep the natural look of my hair without it getting frizzy, I just apply a little Moroccan Oil after I shower and brush it a couple of times while it’s drying.

Starting at the crown of your head, grab a small section of hair. Apply a light spray of hairspray and backcomb to add some volume. Continue doing this in sections until you reach the front of your head (your bangs, even if you don’t have traditional bangs!). Push on a headband. Bam. You’re ready to walk out the door!

And yes, this is approximately the total amount of make up I wear unless I actually have something going on: mascara, face base and tinted moisturizer. Basic, but it works!


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    Deanna says

    Well done, I too use the Moroccan oil, love this product! I think using as little product as possible is the clincher, as for the face, base is always a good choice to wake up your face, for me mascara is always optional. Thanks for the great tips!

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