Proud Mama Moment: My Baby is Mobile

Five things happened this past week that made me realize my little baby is almost a big boy toddler. People always tell you that the time goes by fast – but I can’t believe my little man is just 3 1/2 short months away from turning one.

Anyway, this weekend:

We got a big boy car seat. Yes. He was actually starting to outgrow the carrier seat – not that we’ve really used it as a carrier seat recently. It’s a little heavy with a 20+ lb child in it.

He is really, truly mobile. Which I only realized when I put him in the living room play room while I ran to the car to grab my phone. I came inside and he was halfway across the room terrorizing the dog. Time to baby proof…

crawling baby, baby crawling, 8 months old, 9 months old, mobile baby, happy baby

See how proud he is of himself?

He’s starting to chew his food. Aka I can give him things that are soft but not mashed – including chicken – and he chews them up like a grown up. As any baby mama knows – this is a huge step. Not just for the babe. For our pocketbook, too!

solid foods, baby eats solids, baby chewing

He got a tooth. With another one poking through. Ohmigosh I thought the day that his teeth would finally arrive would never get here – I feel like he’s been teething for months.

And…he’s standing. ON HIS OWN. My eight month old boy is scaring the crap out of me as he’s learning to pull himself up on furniture, toys…whatever he can get his hands on. Time to lower the crib mattress…

Tell me: when did you realize YOUR baby was almost a toddler?


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    Just stumbled upon your blog for the first time this evening. And 8 months old is when I realized I didn’t have a little baby around either. She’d weaned herself from nursing, started to see things she wanted and scoot towards them, pull herself up, and interact with other people in a whole new way. It just overcame me that she will be a 1 year old before we know it!
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