Oh Hey There Snow Day

If you’re not from the frigid tundra (like me), then you probably didn’t experience a heckuva snow storm today. Some of you have never experienced snow in this kind of capacity. So if you haven’t…well, let me indulge you in what my life turns into when there’s ten inches plus of snow hanging out on my deck.

My morning started at about 4, when the bean decided not to go back to bed. Well, he decided that he would sleep for fifteen minute increments in my bed. So when I finally decided that there was no possible way that I was going to get any more sleep, we decided to send a video to Ricky {who was working}.

He is the cutest.child.ever. And I’m not biased at all…

So throughout the day, we ended up outside with el pup. This particular outing was when we had about six inches of snow on the ground. And then Lucy sprayed my camera with snow and I decided it was high time to go back into the warmth of my house…

RJ doesn’t really know what to do…

Although Lucy seems to be right into the whole “playing in the snow” thing…

This is such an awkward picture of my little man. I must have caught him off guard – he wasn’t so sure about this whole snow thing. I don’t think he’s ever beed that quiet before!

And then Lucy decided to see what was underneath all that snow – to the point of digging in the ground. You can see how I react to that in the video…

And then we were inside. And Lucy was sad that she couldn’t be outside:

Awe…poor thing just wants to go in and out of the house all.day.long. Sometimes I think that we should install a doggy door for her. And then I remember that she’s too big to fit through a doggy door. Slash we live where it’s freezing and really don’t need snow coming in through the middle of the door all winter…

Action shot!

And a few hours ago, I measured the snow. Ten inches on my deck – and the snow was still falling. Oh, what a snow storm – and before Christmas even!

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  • Angie Struemke December 16, 2012, 3:18 am

    What a day that was! I was greeting at church. Outside! Brr!!

    • Cortney January 2, 2013, 9:43 pm

      Geez! Outside on that day sounds brutal!


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