My Toddler the Social Butterfly

This very strange thing happens when your child starts to become a toddler: they start interacting with other kids. It sounds so…normal. So why does it seem so unique and funny and absolutely freaking adorable all at the same time?

A couple of months ago, I started to really notice Ricky becoming interested in having friends. And then I noticed that he wasn’t just hanging around with all his little buddies – he was…the ringleader. I mean really, could I have expected anything less from a child that came from two of the most stubborn people in the world? Slash my hubs who is the ultimate pot stirrer? No, I really couldn’t. And yet here I sit…surprised at the scope of my child’s leadership skills.

Then about a month ago, one of the other moms stopped to tell me how her daughter – who is about two months younger than Ricky – kept getting notes sent home about how she wasn’t eating breakfast or wasn’t finishing her lunch because she was so captivated by my boy. “I think she has her first crush!” OMG. This is hilarious. So then I started to pay more attention…and my sweet little boy gets a bashful teenage grin whenever he says “bye bye!” to my friend’s daughter. I can’t believe this is happening already.

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So last week, when I picked him up, one of his little buddies walked around the corner looking for him – “Rick? Rick – Ricky – Rick…” It literally made me stop in my tracks. I call my hubs Rick. Rick’s dad is Rick. But my baby is little Ricky! Stop growing up so fast, my little one!

Finally, today. Today I picked him up from school and he had a new nickname: Mr. Popular. Apparently, the kids from the other classroom were outside this morning and one started pounding on the door to his classroom saying, “Ricky! Ricky! Outside!” And all these little ones lined up looking in the windows for him.

Now, I’m not trying to toot my little guy’s horn…but he certainly seems to be the jovial little charmer. He’s friends with everyone. I LOVE IT.

He’s a leader. LOVE IT.

Other than the whole girlfriend thing, this is boding well for his teenage years, right?

I just can’t believe that he’s suddenly his own person. It’s awesome. And it kind of freaks me out at the same time. Oh, toddlers. They certainly keep you on your toes!


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