My littlest brother graduated

Last Friday, something big happened. Something that…well, a lot of times siblings don’t really grasp the importance of. But, my friends, as someone who graduated high school…twelve years ago, I have a different perspective. My littlest brother is – yes – twelve and a half years littler than me. He’s also about six and a half feet taller than me. Just kidding. Kind of. But really, he’s a lot taller than me. Which is kind of weird, since I remember putting his baby picture in my locker in middle school. Which was just yesterday, right?

I almost just typed, “he might be taller but I’ll always be older!”

And then I realized that it’s probably not what I should be gloating about. It’s not really gloat worthy material. My wrinkles and I are going to go hide now.


2014 graduation, 2014 national merit scholar, national ap scholar

So Noah graduated. He’s a National Merit Scholar. And a National AP Scholar. Brains, beauty, height…man, being the youngest sure has it’s perks sometimes.

When I graduated high school, it was like the ultimate step towards becoming a real grown up. And I’m sure that it’s no different for the kids graduating in 2014. What’s different is that I’m looking at it from the actual grown up perspective. Like, holy crap, I wonder what it’s like to get FOUR KIDS through high school. And what do you think is MORE liberating: to be the kid getting out into the real world, or to be the parents who can do whatever they want to do again?

I think that actually might be a toss up!

Oh – and we brought this little guy to the ceremony. He was super entertaining for everyone around us. Especially since he only napped for an hour that day. He read some books, convinced our neighboring attendees to clap on demand and tried to flip over the seats in the auditorium 97 times. There is not a second that you could possibly be unentertained when you sit next to a crafty 20 month old at a graduation ceremony. Or really when you bring them anywhere with you.

But seriously. He’s so friggin cute that you can’t do anything but laugh. And he knows it.

2014 graduation, 2014 national merit scholar, national ap scholar

Annnnd on to my point:

My brother is graduated.

Congrats Noah!


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    It’s so funny to read your post because my brother, my littlest/biggest brother, graduated on May 31st. I was 16 when he was born and he is now 18. Yes, you can do the math. I feel extremely old! He is about 2 feet taller than me it seems and I honestly have no idea where it came from. EVERYONE in my family is SHORT! Including our dad and his mom! He graduated with honors and as part of a CATE program participant in Business Technology. Anyway, all that to say that I completely understand and congratulations to all of you. Little brothers are pretty awesome!

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