My Jeans Are Tight. It’s Time for a Change – Let’s Do It Together!

Yesterday morning I was getting ready, just like any other morning. But something was a little different. I felt a little…jigglier…than normal. Suddenly, I was nervous that my jeans weren’t going to fit. I don’t know why this feeling came to me out of the blue. I just knew they were going to be tight. And you know what? They were. It wasn’t the same as the I-still-need-to-lose-the-baby-weight feeling. That particular feeling doesn’t make me nervous. This was definitely an I-lost-the-baby-weight-and-then-stopped-working-out-for-eight-weeks feeling.

So then I sat down and thought about it. And yeah, I haven’t been eating the best lately. {Apparently the three slices of deep dish pizza I had for dinner the night before weren’t working in my favor}. And no, I haven’t been so good about working out lately. But that’s because my life is busyyyy…at least, that’s what I heard whining in my head. And it was at that moment that I realized I need to make a change.

Having a baby is a wonderful, wonderful thing. But if you let yourself, it’s super easy to let your own health slide while you focus on everyone and everything around you. So to that I am saying NO MORE! I need to start getting regular exercise again. But what’s more, I need to get back to eating healthier.

Which brings me to my point. Ya’ll have heard all about the start of my Arbonne journey on here. And the thing about Arbonne is that we have more than just amazing skincare – we have an awesome health and wellness line, too. A line that includes some really great get fit products like protein shakes and craving control. The three best things about this line of products:

  • It’s totally organic, vegan certified and gluten free. Which means it really does work with almost every single diet restriction out there – while still providing your body the nutrition that you need.
  • It tastes GREAT. Alone or blended with frozen fruit, the shakes won’t make you feel like you’re on a diet. Even if you are.
  • It works. The 30 days to fit plan is effective and will help you get back on a healthy track.

They say that it takes 30 days to create a habit. So I’m hoping that 30 days of this feeling fit program will get me back on the right track, too. And you know what? I want you to JOIN me. If you’re feeling like now’s the right time for you to get back on track, then let’s do this together! I’m offering 20% off any products in the Arbonne Fit line until January 30th. I’ll order them on the 31st and we’ll start our group challenge on Monday the 11th.

And if you need any more motivation to join me on this challenge, that’s the same week that Lent starts. This is totally the perfect Lent challenge! If you’re looking for more information on the full 30 days to fit challenge, check out the PDF below. You can also check out the 30 days to fit products or email me if you’re ready to place your order. As a bonus, you’ll also get a free Arbonne water bottle that I know you’re going to LOVE.

Arbonne Essentials 30-Day Feeling Fit Guide

I’m so excited to take on this challenge with you guys!


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