My Age Is Finally Catching Up With My Body.

The past few nights have been strange: I’ve been so dang exhausted that I feel like I could just fall asleep on my living room floor. And then when I wake up, my body creaks and groans and feels like it needs about twenty minutes just to limber up enough to go downstairs and make coffee. Speaking of coffee, if I don’t have some, forget it. I am utterly unproductive {and have a major headache} for a good two hours.

baby picture, baby photo, baby photo shoot, infant picture, infant photo, infant photo shoot, newborn picture, newborn photo, newborn photo shoot, beautiful baby, beautiful infant, beautiful newborn, gorgeous baby, gorgeous infant, gorgeous newborn, adorable baby, adorable newborn, adorable infantAt first I thought I was just running myself into the ground. But that’s not it: it’s not that kind of tired. Then I thought I was pregnant. Nope, that’s not it either. And yesterday, I finally figured it out. I’m almost 30. And my body knows it.

Suddenly it all makes sense: my joints are a little more creaky. My brain gets tired just ever more slightly sooner than it used to. Even my skin takes a little longer to bounce back after it gets creases from sleeping on my pillow funny.

Now I have to tell you: I’m all about aging gracefully – to an extent. But I also realize that there are some changes I could make to take a little better care of myself – and keep myself in a little better shape – so that this whole “getting older” thing doesn’t make my muscles ache so much. And here’s my plan:

1. I’m going to start taking a multi-vitamin. To be honest, I’ll probably just finish the pre-natals that are in my pantry for now. But after that – any recommendations from my blogosphere friends that are vitamin experts?

2. I’m going to try to get back on the workout wagon. With three workouts a week. And I’m going to {again, try} to start running again this spring. If we ever get some spring weather. Although the latter part of that statement holds less certainty than the first.

face mask, arbonne face mask, shrink your pores, make pores smaller, larger pores from tanning, tanning larger pores, spray tanning pores, spray tanning larger pores, deep clean face mask, best face mask3. I’m going to be better about getting enough sleep. Six hours straight a night on a regular basis sounds like heaven.

4. I’m going to really push the water drinking thing. 64 ounces a day isn’t that hard, right? Plus it’s amazing for your skin.

Yes, I realize that some of these things can be partially attributed to having a child under a year old. But the reality is that some if it isn’t: it’s just part of getting older {as much as I really don’t want to hear that!} – which means I need to really get on this whole taking care of myself thing.

Tell me in the comments: what do you do to help your age NOT affect your body?


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