Merry Day After Christmas!

The past few days made up my baby’s first Christmas – and I honestly can’t believe that they’re already over! Between all of the shopping and preparing and visiting and hosting, Christmas certainly went by in a blur. I really enjoyed the past five days. But I’m also a little sad that our first holiday season with our first little one is coming to a close.

But with that being said, our first Christmas with RJ certainly was a learning experience for me and Ricky. While I wouldn’t go back and change how any of our plans went this week, there are some things that I will keep in mind for next Christmas. It’s funny – as I was looking at Facebook over the past few days, I noticed that a lot of families were in our same predicament: they had either totally forsaken their nap schedule – leaving them with cranky babies running amok, or totally overbooked themselves to the point of having no time to just chill as a family.

So taking what we learned from this holiday season, here are the three things we’re going to try to do better next year to have an even more enjoyable second Christmas with the little man.

We’ll be better about sticking to a schedule. This year, we definitely let RJ get completely off of his schedule because we went to so many events and did so many things. All of the extra stimulation and entertainment was great for wearing him out – but his little head just didn’t want to let him go to sleep after all of the excitement. Which meant mama was up for half the night for the last several nights calming the little one back to dreamland. Next year: we’ll make sure to keep his eating and napping on schedule to avoid spontaneous meltdowns. Yes, they even happen with a three month old.

We’ll be better about planning ahead. Ricky and I have been crazy busy over the last month. Between work and family and more work and everything in between, I feel like we’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of activity. Which meant all of our holiday preparations fell to the weekend before Christmas. Now if you’re a parent, you already know this: there’s only so much your little guy can handle in a 24 hour time span. Which means we needed to stop at home between stores so that RJ could have a shopping break every so often – which basically equals out to your usual holiday shopping taking {at least} twice the amount of time that it normally would. Next year: we’re doing all of our holiday shopping before December 1st.

We’ll be better about taking some time to enjoy the holiday season. Since we ended up cramming so much schtuff into a five day period, it was hard to actually take some time to sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas time – you know, the same way that we did as kids. I really miss that. In our first holiday season with la babe, we really didn’t know what to expect – so we went with a plan that was based around what we could predict. Next year: we’ll have a better idea of how to plan out our holidays so that we can take some time to just hang out as a family, too.


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