Lucy’s Favorite New Hang Outs

Lucy has officially become the protector of my child. She loves being anywhere close to him – and when he’s sleeping, he loves taking over his play space. I think she’s trying to tell us that she misses him when she can’t be right next to him…

He’s all – I fell asleep while I was playing. And she’s all – wake him and I will wrestle you to the ground. Although she does know that she’s not allowed on his blanket. At least not while he’s playing sleeping on it…

And then when he actually goes down for a real nap, she goes into take over mode. I’m not sure if it’s because this blanket is uber soft or if it’s because she misses watching over the little guy. Or maybe it’s a combination of the two?

And then you have her other new favorite spot: the stairs. Which completely doesn’t make sense. Because there’s no way that this is comfortable…right?

But she sleeps there. So it must be comfortable.

Just don’t wake the sleeping beast. When she has the upper-stairs advantage, she’s highly prone to licking your face off.

So tell me: what weird places do you find your pup in?


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    How adorable! I bet she is just waiting for him to come back to the blanket so they can play again. She must know that some day they’ll be best friends! We don’t have a dog but I’m sure as soon as my son is old enough to ask for one I will start slowly being worn down.

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      LOL – she totally loves him. And I would totally recommend a big dog! They’re like gentle giants. Lucy has the best temperament and is actually super calm around the baby 🙂

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