Losing the baby weight: Barre workout number one

As of tomorrow, the bean is four weeks old. Which means mama is four weeks post-partum. Aka: I’m ready for my jeans to fit again. And technically, they do. Well, if you don’t could that muffin top and all.

Regardless of how you have a baby, you need to do some ab work to get your tummy back in whatever shape it was in prior to getting pregnant. Having a c-section increases that need for tummy toning exponentially. And since I didn’t have the greatest ab workout tendencies prior to getting preggo, I figured there was no time like the present to really kick start my workouts and get on the ab burnin’ train. Reading between the lines: I’ve committed myself to some serious barre workouts.

If you’re not familiar with what a barre workout is, let me explain them a little. Basically, it’s a dancer’s workout – barre coming from the ballet barre. The moves are based on ballet and incorporate a little pilates and yoga into the mix as well. While you wouldn’t think that performing and holding ballet movements for extended periods of time would be that fantastic of a workout, you obviously haven’t checked out a ballet dancers body before. Slash attempted to do those moves. Because I’m telling you right now – they’re HARD.

I ordered some of the Bar Method DVDs and in the meantime (while I wait for them to arrive), downloaded a Lean and Chisled Barre Workout from Amazon that I did yesterday. Which I completed – and realized exactly how out of shape pregnancy (slash avoiding ab workouts to begin with…) made me! I actually had trouble walking down the stairs after my workout yesterday – love that kind of burn!

I’m super motivated because the DVDs are really encouraging and feature Barre pros who look amazing – and if I can get in that kind of shape (half that good of shape?) by next summer, I’ll consider this to be a success story! The workouts are fun – they’re not boring like some at-home workouts can be and they pack a serious punch.

Since I’m only four weeks post-partum, I modified the straight on ab work until I feel totally comfortable with the moves. Technically I’m not supposed to be doing real ab work for another two weeks, this is my attempt to stick to those orders. Slash there’s no way in heck I could possibly do the full version of the ab work yet because they’re seriously that hard. But that’s a story for another day!

I’ll update in a week with my progress – until then, I’ll be feeling the burn!


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