Lose the Baby Weight: Ab Exercises to Tone Your Tummy

So yesterday I told you guys that I’ve become an abdominal exercise fiend: not because I actually enjoy doing these workouts, but because they’re totally necessary to getting rid of that spare tire that appears after the baby makes his way out of your belly. So I’ve taken some ideas from my barre dvds and turned them into their own little workout – for integrating with my living room circuit or after doing some cardio. Feel free to interchange the exercises – I usually pick some to do in a combination of three sets.

Do the bicycle! Get down into a crunch position and elevate your legs off of the floor. Lift your head off of the floor. Touch your elbow to the opposite knee – and slowly rotate to the opposite side. Do twenty reps on each side of your body. This engages all of the muscles in your stomach. Don’t rotate too fast – or you’ll lose a lot of the effectiveness of this exercise! (photo credit: supermamafitness.com)

Touch your toes! Lay flat on your back and extend your hands straight past your head (they should be touching the floor). As you lift your legs off the floor, lift your arms off the floor, keeping them straight. Do 10 reps to start and increase to 20 as your endurance builds. (Photo Credit: fitnessrepublic.com)

The Bar Method reverse crunch: Get yourself into the ‘up’ position of a sit up. You can use a weighted exercise ball, but you don’t have to – just keep your hands in the position as if you were carrying one. Slowly, make a very small back and forth motion – lowering about a quarter of the way down into a sit up but no further. Do 20 reps – sloooowwwwlllllyyy. (photo credit: cityroom.com)

Do the boat! Hold the Yoga boat pose for thirty seconds at a time – longer if you can stand it. Make sure your posture is correct: straight back, straight legs, pointed toes. It’s a lot harder than it works and it will work ALL of your core muscles! (photo credit: dare2mag.com)

Do the superman!
Lay on your belly and extend your feet and hands straight out from your body – the higher you lift them the harder the workout. Hold for sixty seconds. (photo credit: aaronlipsey.com)

If I’m feeling up to it, I do all of these workouts in a set. If not…I mix and match!

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Have workout ideas you want to share – or have a workout question? I am by no means an expert, but I am a semi-exercise-queen. And I’d be happy to share my/your knowledge here on The Mommyhood Project! So email me at cortney.galster@gmail.com. We can get in shape together!


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    Great set of posts on getting back in shape after having baby! I’ve actually found it possible to get a ‘better’ body (by my own definition of strength, feeling, confidence) after having my daughter. In part because I have been focused on my abs, my form, on high quality and high intensity workouts like never before. I was just mailing it in before. I’ve also found that connecting my core and my breath has been really important (tightening my core as I exhale, rather than just letting it puff out!). You’ve got me curious about barre workouts — I will have to start experimenting with that!

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      You are totally right – I was always kind of a workout-aholic, but now that the little man is here it’s like my workouts are way more focused and beneficial – probably because as moms, we have less time to dedicate to working out so you have to make every minute count! The breathing is huge with your ab workouts – I never really connected them until I started doing the Barre workouts (well, that and Yoga). And if you’re looking to try out the Barre workouts, I highly recommend the Lean and Chiseled dvd with Andrea Rogers. You can actually download it on your computer/mobile device from Amazon which is awesome!

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