Life With a Newborn is Always Interesting. Especially When Giant Snowstorms Are in the Mix.

Ohhh it’s been an interesting morning here at the Galster household. Although I have to say that we’re all cuddled up in our cozy little home since it’s snow city outside – and I love it!

  • Ricky got home at four this morning and is finally done dealing with this snowstorm. I hope. It would be nice to have my hubby home for a little family time tonight!
  • Annnnd we have the potential for twelve more inches of snow on Saturday. Which is a blessing – but also a bummer at the same time. Huge snowstorms back to back are brutal on this family.
  • I started RJ on some oatmeal this week. His poor tummy just couldn’t handle any more liquid than he was already taking in a feeding. And we were getting to the point where he wasn’t sleeping more than eight hours a day because he was so hungry all the time – his quick little metabolism is working through that liquid diet too fast! Adding a little baby oatmeal into the mix is leading to a much happier baby. Which translates to a much happier mama.
  • And speaking of a happy baby, he’s getting back on a regular sleeping schedule – and slept eight hours straight last night. BLISS for the mommy.
  • Lucy has decided that my gloves are her new chew toys. Even though I keep taking them away and telling her no, she refuses to listen. Why doesn’t she understand that my gloves need to be dry, not slobbery?
  • Kelly Ripa is wearing the most adorable LBD on Live today. I just had to throw that out there. And yes, after the last five days of craziness, I am sitting on my couch, blogging and watching Live with Kelly and Michael. It’s like an hour long dose of mommy medicine for the soul. Slash my morning guilty pleasure, if I have time to catch it. ♥
  • My friend Mandi – who happens to be an amazing photographer – took some awesome pictures of RJ while I was over at her house last week. Here’s a little preview for ya – with more coming later today! And if you’re in the MSP area, check out her site: Mandi Folks photography. She does gorgeous work! And I’m not biased at all. Right?


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