Landscaping is the best workout ever.

I am STILL sore from this weekend. STILL. My right elbow and left knee hate me. I had some kind of allergic reaction to fresh mulch and have an absolutely lovely rash running down each of my legs. My abs feel like they should be toned and defined {even though they are absolutely, positively not}. What did we do, you ask? Why, we landscaped our yard!

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This is just the start of it. To get to this point, we first removed a bunch of rock. And if you’ve ever removed rock from a flower bed, you know what a pain in the behind it can be. Especially when that rock is granite and locks together – it’s super fun, let me tell you. Then that rock needed to be moved to another flower bed in our yard – for filler.

Then, we had to edge all of the flower beds in our yard. They look amazing now – but if anyone ever tells you that “edging is SO easy!” – do.not.listen. It is NOT easy. It takes hours. And then all of the turf you remove has to be broken down so that you can use it elsewhere.

So that’s what we did – we broke down the dirt and created a tapered mound in this front piece of landscaping. Then we planted all of the plants you see here – and yes, I do realize that we need to add to this a bit. That will come in time. Slash this weekend.

Then we needed to get a truck bed full of mulch. And we needed to mulch all of the beds we took the rock out of. And then I decided to pound all of the LED lights I bought on a whim at Walmart this Spring in our front yard. It actually looks quite fun when the sun goes down. We still have one very large area to mulch. And then…all of our landscaping efforts will have been exhausted for the year.

So now my body hurts. But it hurts in a really GOOD way. I’m not saying that I want to do yard work every weekend – but once in a while it’s not so terrible. And I have to say that I’m already quite pleased with the results of our work!

And I have to say that I have a lot of respect for people who do this on a daily basis. And that if I worked in landscaping, I’d have a pretty amazing bod. But I’m probably too lazy to make that work out well.

Tell me in the comments: Do you landscape your yard? Why or why not?

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