La Babe Bites Daddy – Without Teeth. In Video. And a GIVEAWAY!

My baby is so dang cute. So cute that I have to share his most favorite thing of all: kissing/biting daddy’s head. It’s the best when Lucy has to take a look at what’s so great about licking dada’s head. I think it’s something to do with teething. Whatever it is, it’s adorable.

And of course, if THAT wasn’t enough for you tonight…Well, I have a super special giveaway for ya’ll. In the form of an absolutely adorable baby outfit from RJ’s closet! It’s never been worn, size 3-6 months. The pants roll up. Perfect for the babe in YOUR life. Since he hasn’t worn it, I don’t want to bank on “keeping it for the next one.” I’d rather share the love a little bit!

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Super cute, no? Thought so.

Now for the fun part: want to win? Tell me in the comments section: What’s the cutest thing YOUR little one has done recently?

PSA: No one sponsored this giveaway but me. Cause I love you guys. Ok? Good.

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